Nintendo DS: Touched at First Sight - Scott The Woz game ok naam games

Nintendo DS: Touched at First Sight - Scott The Woz

Scott looks back at the PictoChat machine that also sometimes plays Yoshi Touch & Go.Twitter: Used:"Aboda Village" from The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks"PictoChat" from Super Smash Bros. Brawl"Waluigi Pinball" from Mario Kart DS'"Score Attack" from Yoshi Touch & Go"Mix-a-Mug" from Super Mario 64 DS"Menu" from Metroid Prime Hunters"Bob-omb Battlefield" from Super Mario 64"Bowser" from Super Mario 64"Title" from Big Brain Academy"Slideshow (Whistle)" from Nintendo DSi"Configuration" from Brain Age"Athletic Theme" from New Super Mario Bros."Bath Time" from Nintendogs"The Curious Village" from Professor Layton and the Curious Village"Mushroom Mayhem I" from Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis"Jungle 1" from Contra 4"Game Select" from Rhythm Heaven"Title" from Animal Crossing: Wild World"Vela-Nova" from Sonic Rush"Breakout" from 3D Dot Game Heroes

Cool Aid67

Who else thought ty was going to be the rage monster againEDIT: nvm he was later on


You see I don’t like kids, and I don’t see them in my future

Jair Castorena

Do trick shots of soccer

mat mells

your welcome to him he's just fat bully with no talent whatsoever


Lol the American History Y book is written by H Potter… maybe they referenced that to Harry Potter.

Grant Ephross

Ah, cayenne. Chef John Approves


“No of course not.”

Avanish Meher

Team shatter train

seema soni

diving shot

Beau Pettyjohn


Emo Scum

I spotted a kid guru Easter egg. On the senator bit there is a sign saying DJ khaled in the bottom right corner

SkyrushYes MindEraserNo

4:47 RKO!

Santosh Sah

Make vdo on all tricks fail


I am the poorest man in the world

April Melinda

I'm so excited


Why is there a 🦷 brush behind you, get a green screen, jkluvubby

Steph Eastlick

Does Ty ecer get picked for wheel unfortunate

Matt Kurus

Am I the only one here who has a crush on Elizabeth? :v

Cory Ho1mes

5:32 Siri activated on my phone 😂

Rae'Kaya Coster

That still not the good skews to be with men


If I were you I would flip him of evry time I see him

The Russian Smurf

People dont get deported for no reason. There must have been a reason to it, or r u telling me the government just tries to deport you because yes

Davis Levengood

team coby all the way, almost got the victory

Daku Cuetlāchtli

Imagine they bring back Edna and Wolf link!? Give me please!

Jenny Osiris Carter


So it was Thursday evening and my mother was at home relaxing then she started having contractions. My parents lived in California and I was a premature baby. I was two months early .The hospital down the street didn’t deliver premature babys so my mother and my dad in an ambulance drove all the way to San Diego which is about an hour away it was a long time, and my mother was telling me that she had to use the bathroom really badly. I ended up being born on a Friday evening. On May 26

Mexican Ghõst

Andrew luck please


Microsoft is very crazy xd

Braden Turner

Hey Tyler what did the chicken say to the egg your cracken me up

Airreona TheeElevatedSongstress

Nope!!! You better rebuke that thang. She is lying!!! Man that's sad how people go through that.

Garry Caldwell

My sack is full of cottage cheese

Genesis Holcomb

So you bought your own baseball field?


Ibeth Gavarrete

The bottle flip is cool

It’s me Barry YT

I subscribed