Nipsey Hussle Talks Being Comfortable In His Own Skin | BET's Mancave game rpg offline pc games

Nipsey Hussle Talks Being Comfortable In His Own Skin | BET's Mancave

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I wish I could take all the pain in the world and just feel it for myself, and no one would ever have to suffer

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I am disappointed in you'll because no one is giving the raptors enough credit. Raptors is a really great team and Golden State is simply out gunned.

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Its kinda weird that it just straight goes to what happened and in the end explains HOW it happened

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Maybe he was attempting to defend his wife

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Wow. That was a beautiful story with an even lovlier lesson. Definitely a like from me.

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When I was little it was all good, there was no pressure and I was just a small happy, little girl. In early grade school, it was fine but those were the years that my parents started to scold me over a high B. Before middle school I was bullied by a gangster-wannabe, I developed depression from those. In middle school, my parents would only acknowledge my success if a teacher told them. They would say things like: “I bet you your friend Cat gets straight As and doesn’t get nudged by their parents,” I would normally just laugh when they say that and walk away, life lesson don’t do that confront your parents if they do things like this to you. Along side this, something had happened the year before, and was still happening to me and my best friend, but she was more resilient to it all. I started self harm, and it all went to sh*t.

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Science comment: so you CANNOT hear a rocket in space.. we hear sound by sound waves traveling through air particles and bouncing off of them to project the sound into your ear.. there aren’t any air particles in space so no you can’t hear in space..

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"I can make a brighter life for myself." JOKES