Learn Colors and Shapes with Funny Food Games for Toddlers - Educational Kids Games game hats games

Learn Colors and Shapes with Funny Food Games for Toddlers - Educational Kids Games

►Learn Colors and Shapes with Funny Food Games for Toddlers by MAGE - Educational Kids GamesSubscribe to our channel now and miss no video!SurpriseZara we present you everything fun. Let us learn together counting, the colors or the alphabet. We also discover together new toys to play with Play-Doh or unwrap exciting Surprise Eggs.► From the Developer:Preschool and kindergarten educational game for Kids! Puzzles, shapes, colorsLearn color and shapes in this attention games for kids! New way of education in educational games for toddlers! Smart games for kids includes fruit learning and veggies! Welcome to the world of 17 various children games free. This app addresses various topics such as: geometric shapes app, colors for kids learn (shapes and color games for kids), logic, sizes, fine motor skills, etc. It also has puzzle for toddlers! Keep your children busy with very useful and educational games for kids!🕹🤗INCLUDED CHILDREN LEARNING GAMES:🔸 SORTING. Sort all of the food into different trucks. (Children’s games for 3 to 5 yrs old, that develops attention)🔸 SILHOUETTES. Wash all the fruits and vegetables and put on the platter. (Fruit learning educational for kids for creative thinking and imagination)🔸 SHAPES. Bake geometrical cookies and feed them to little animals (Introduces to geometric shapes app)🔸 UNITS as PARTS and as a WHOLE. Cut the fruits and veggies into smaller parts by tracing the lines and feed the animals. (Learning game, that teaches a concept of fractions. Develops fine motor skills)🔸 MATCHING games kids. Funny food are hiding in the dark refrigerator. Find the pairs in matching games kids. (memory games for toddlers)🔸 SIZES. Sort the goods into matching boats. (educational for kids)🔸 COLORS FOR KIDS. Catch all the food in the kitchen and sort it into pots with matching colors for toddlers. (Educational games for kids, that introduces to different colors for kids learn)🔸 PUZZLES for toddlers. Put a puzzle together. (Fun puzzles for toddlers free for creative thinking and imagination)🔸 FIND and TAP. Find and tap the food which you may put into jars. (Fun game, that develops attention and fine motor skills)🔸 CONTOURS. Wash the food and sort it into places. (Games for children for creativity and cognitive thinking)🔸 LOGIC. Select a "passenger" and put him on the train. (Logic game, that introduces to a concept of consistency and continuity)🔸 SHAPES and SIZES. Bake cookies of different shapes and sizes and feed them to the animals. (Fun educational game, that introduces to geometric shapes and color games for kids)🔸 FUNNY STORE. New bonus game. Put out foods on the shelves.FEATURES OF THIS EDUCATION FOR KIDS:• 17 educational games for kids (fruit learning, geometric shapes, colors for toddlers, etc.)• 10 educational concepts of education for kids and games for toddlers• 50 sorts of food • Amusing characters with lots of animation and interaction • Comfortable and simple interface for preschoolers from 3 and up• Basic skills: logic, attention, memory games for toddlers and thinking, learn color and shapes• Fun sound effects and amazing graphics for children from 2 to 5 years old• No Internet needed in games for toddlers• Christmas games for kids🍎🍊🌽Funny Food will become a great helper for parents and kids. Playing these fun games for children will help your kids to become independent and creative thinkers!► Downloadlink:

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