Opening The BEST Sun & Moon Collectors Chest!! Battle Vs. CARLS CUSTOM POKEMON LUNCH TIN!! GX & EX! gamekit 800 robux games

Opening The BEST Sun & Moon Collectors Chest!! Battle Vs. CARLS CUSTOM POKEMON LUNCH TIN!! GX & EX!

Today we have the most EPIC Video ever!!! Weopen up the new Sun and Moon Solgaleo and Lunala Collectors Chest lunch tin!!! Not Only that but Carl has brought his shady lunch tin and said its better so we put it to the test!! Find out who wins in this SUPER AWESOME LUNCH BATTLE!!! Whose lunch will reign supreme and who will be stuck with leftovers?! Only here can you catch this awesome REVIEW AND BATTLE all in 1 Video!! Dont Miss Out!! Thanks for watching and PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!!Want to send us mail? Send it to this P.O.Box (Only send 1 way items no return shipments)MAIL ADDRESS:HARDCORLLECTORP.O. BOX 92Lakewood, CA 90714-0092Follow us on instagram!your Pokemon TCG here at:Mike The Artist on instagram!We Have Our Channel


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Hi you guys are awesome but, why don't you guys make more episodes of overtime ?? Everyone wants to see more of wheel unfornate??


i found it too on the xbox version haha i got bored so i wanted to jump off the top of the throat of the world and i found it up there.

Jan-Ida Ripton

I went through something similar to this a couple years ago. Thank God I was able to get away from it before things turned into that 🙏


No gonna lie. I hesitated on this video because I thought it said "Red Dead Redemption 2" easter eggs

A game on Punisher??wao

Breanna Bannister

Lol I’m Australian that’s what they serve as Aussie food? So weird

Jason Pogrmich

2018 anyone

Vixlys 8

Me: Mom I broke my leg i think

fire gaming

Nice video now we know what to do when we got pregnant from Matt

George Constantinidi

thats was ridiculous with the shotgun


Checkers easy

Alexandra Lautaru

for history they studied geography 😂😂

I got issues...

Tate Mushroom

the last one lmao

TheChrisman 15

My favorite baseball team is the Dodgers.


anybody watching in 2019?

Kathryn Monsma

THANK YOU. I never knew you were Christian or would help people like this, give up this kind of time for others, work this hard to help other people, and to even admit you did all these things, especially the Christian part, on a hugely judgmental online platform. I love that you didn't really take your work with you either, just a bit. THANK YOU. My respect for you just got a whole lot bigger.

W.T.F Manolo

I'm so gonna make a baby to this hit on my mama......yo 😂 love u mom 🤣

cRystAl Art

Seriously I have suffered both...... seriously most difficult part of my life...n I was always afraid of having panic attacks in I m out of it for 2 years...n so happy that don't want to face that phase again

Hayk Davtyan

the hell

Apw Popper

the part involving lost is a mission in the main campaign

Tom Haney

IDN but sometimes he seems to be thinking 'take me now lord!'

Fares93 gg