Operator Videos Vs. Reality - Rainbow Six Siege hvh game games

Operator Videos Vs. Reality - Rainbow Six Siege

The videos really give the operators more credit than is due.Twitch: By:Travis (((the Junior Varsity Squad!us on Twitter!the Steam Community!Videos:Siege #64: #63: #62:

Elizabeth Smith

SuperCarlinBros totally called the rock giants and the fact that they’re investigating Elsa’s powers and her past

Daniel Greer



Love this :)

Emm Emm

so cute!! love your aesthetic

Zsean wolf

Vault 101 ah good old fallout memories

Frontier Woodsman

Dudes, who is the music artist? I looked on the bubble wrap battle video and the music is mislabeled. I just cannot find this song, and my kids are asking for it.

piano and flute covers

The panda is so cute and funny

Parth Agarwal

Almost all records for Tyler. Cory only one. You don't give chance to the twins

Cool puppy Sports


3:15 3:15 3:15 for 100 likes

Queze show Behanan

I love y’all guyBack to me


Oh God, not Justin Blackmon, this gives me PTSD

Andrew Pham

Nibba you gay


How it feels to eat 5 pieces of gum at once.


Why would anyone make a whole album that references that piece of shit band smash mouth? I hate that fucking song.

Ifairycat Starymoon

I hate the stereo type claim that says girls can't stand up for themselves. Goodness there is so many movies conveying that theme. And were the bullies gonna murder her? because I think the situation as it already was, is incredibly, serious, urgent, and abusive. And I hate that this kind of thing is allowed to happen to anyone.

Colten Kennedy

Pause at 0:08 seconds and try not to laugh

Bonett Jane Smith

0:17 I saw what you did there w


Are you going to upload Octodad Dadliest Catch(what ever its named?

Wilson Hunt

Why is it illegal to blow your nose??


I love my talented boys and their fucking bangers


do The Following?


Anyone 2019 ??!

rashad saleh

The game payday when you see the witch She looks like the game left for dead 2

Brady Heinrich

Film with me I’m in Cali


Ty looks most like his dad

Flood Fadeddd _

2019 ?

Rukhsana Abubakar

Why are they pretending LAWNMOWER racing is like the the most important thing ever 😆


Chrono trigger (heavy breathing)


This family needs to learn how to use a condom.

Hate Face

You're a horrible person what has become of kids know a days

yoyo 94

Me in my toilets:

Kathy Shaw


Clara LIN

One like =one less bullies

Nestea is a drink

We literally didn't need half of that video T~T

I'm sorry but I'm a PETTY bitch. I wouldn't have turned her away and told her that maybe she shouldn't have said those nasty things to me. Seriously I'm really not a mean person (haha eek) but if she had any doubt in her mind she shouldn't of said those nasty things smh


2:15 dem headshots xD


Holy fuck.

Chr Ivan

'singing Journey.... Living on a prayer' huh?


ive been waiting for this!

Gavin A


Crispy CreamYT

Elon musk ?