Pablo Veloso - Los juegos de Eric Berne. game ultraman 2 games

Pablo Veloso - Los juegos de Eric Berne.

Pablo Veloso nos habla de los juegos sociales en que normalmente participamos, en nuestras relaciones con los demás...


In addition


So? I don't see you posting videos about making INCREDIBLE basketball shots. :D

Liongirl47 XD

She was thiccc🍑🍑🍑

Daniel Stowers

Where’s Garret?

Shane Scheuerman

2018 anyone??

Emily M


princess R

1:57 best part


"Enchanted lands"? Don't tell me that's not a nod to Once Upon A Time running with the premise of this first. <3

andrei eduard

Is this the Most dangerous disorder possible

C T Films

Goes through entire course*accidentally says ping pong trick shots 6


2019 anyone

Parker Portlock

SMH skip seriously?

James McGrath

1:24 Is that a giant fucking dinosaur???

Kimberly Wynn

I did it!!!!!!

Jeremy Lim Music

YES!! ... but what's going on with that aspect ratio? No 16:9?


lady in the yellow took most of the blow blue shirt guy being so extra you aint playing baby

Aman Berak

The bitch max is acting like ESPN as fox news.


holy shit.. I still remember this video. still can't believe is already 2 years ago.

KD.GG. 77

I don't get #4

Aridaman singh BHADAURIA


lateshia foster

You are stupid why would you building a girl with no friends or people who disrespect her wow

hockey pro

I am but Canada all the way not USA!

Ahmed Saddiki

Stupit game




05:04 is that supposed to be Link lol

Dakota Rand

COUTION No fishes were harmed during this scene 2:33

yaseen allan

I have type 1 diabetes


Why is the trending tab here... AAAAAAAAAAAAAA


Oh I still remember that bunny easter egg, thought it was an enemy like those manaquin splicer in Bioshock and I instently shot a tranq dart into it's head. S -ensory Me:


2030 anyone?

Andrew Perez

Sky zone

Lizzy Mallard

Cody should do it like trimit

Julian Gonzalez

Ghile suits are so much fun I own one and I'm ten I also follow you guys on Instagram at @frogerplayer

Chrsh O

You can not hear anything in space because there is no air so sound can’t be carried through it because sound is caused by the vibrations from molecules for example the sun is exploding thousands of times and it should be the loudest thing we here but because there is nothing to carry the sound waves we can’t here it


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eli dues

French Fries were actually invented in Belgium


The dog is a reference to greyfriars Bobby as rockstar north are based in Edinburgh Scotland


60 kilos is 132 pounds? that's is not a lot, why did you draw her like she weighed how much I do ;(

Tyler trains

Raps in 6 baby!


2019 Anyone?


You should film in the darkness

Joseph E Scott


Ann Roren

All sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssoooooooooooooooooooooooo coolllllllllll

Oh ya :

Steve Steve

Who dislikes there are heartless

Deathlus Gaming

The Trinkets and Baubles quest is a reference to Darkest Dungeon

Tanzer and violin The German Shepherd siblings

What do you get from a bee and a person dancing...............A BEE DANCE :D

LIM Oncino!!

Girl I feel ya sharing your oc and otps with friends to make scenarios is da best