PAC-MAN Maker (by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe) IOS Gameplay Video (HD) game phalaborwa games

PAC-MAN Maker (by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe) IOS Gameplay Video (HD)

App Description:Create your own mazes with PAC-MAN Maker – use your finger to draw mazes, change the color of walls, add custom pixel art and place Ghosts and Power-Ups! Hit PLAY to try your level live then Share it to the Online Gallery where millions of players around the world will compete to win it! Explore a gallery of the best PAC-MAN mazes made by other players and try to beat them. Who will be the #1 PAC-MAN mazes creator? FEATURES:● Discover and play the top mazes made by creators from around the world ● Create your very own maze!● Add multiple types of Pellets, Power-Ups, doors, teleporters and much more!● Spice up your maze by adding Ghosts; choose between 8 different types of Ghosts: Blinky, Pinky, Inky, Clyde, Spunky, Sue, Funky and Punky! ● Bring an artistic touch to your maze by creating pixel art inside. You can choose from 9 palettes of 32 different colors ● Craft huge mazes several times larger than your screen – for the first time in PAC-MAN history! ● Join the community of #Makers, follow other creators and rate the best mazes ● Compete in the Leaderboards for the rank of top player or top creator ● 10 unique PAC-MAN music remixes you’ve never heard before – let’s groove! The most popular video game in arcade history comes back in a Maker edition, fully optimized for mobile display & controls!Like us:@BandaiNamcoEU@PixowlHave any problems or suggestions? Please visit or e-mail us at support-pacmanmaker@bandainamcoent.euPAC-MAN Maker™ & ©2017 BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.App Store Link (Soft Launch):

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