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I can understand people watching MLP because I used to be a brony than I stopped, 2 reasons. 1. Cloppers are the most rejected bronies and its funny because non clopping bronies give them shit which I like too see because cloppers are bringing shame to the fandom. 2. Things got weird.

Arion Govender


Sharon Dousias

they sensored the word "bullying"

Haniya Peters

9:09 i wish that they'd show some guys in the images as well, guys get touched without permission but it's not taken as seriously as it would be for girls

LJ So Cool

Where is panda ?

Sarah P


Christian S.


Gayatri Tolani

If anyone calls u ugly, them simply reply back to them with this "Oh, if u think i am ugly what the heck did u do that makes u miss universe!?" BURNT!!!

Kevin Alfputra

before this, This easter egg got become private right?


I’m the tree magnet 😂😂😂

Tim Chia

I’m a psycho

Evelyn josie

5:10 i thought this was a two parter. Was waiting for the racquet to fall inside the bucket xD

Evan Phillips

They went way to slow for Evans

Cookie cookie Moonlight

Man I feel so bad

... ... ... ... ... ... ... ./:\: : : : : : : : :'\, : :;: : : : : :;: : : :|: : : : : :|

Brothers Perfect


Jonas Briggins

Saying you are an amazing content creator is a criminal understatement. Keep up the good work.

and @ Borderlands in all i miss Melee Weapons in such games yea there is the Psycho class who Specializes in Melee but he still dont have a Set of Melee Weapons ... Even Left 4 Dead needet the Second Part to aquire Melee weapons ._.

Fit On air

When I wake up I hope I have 100 subscribers


And I thought puberty was bad .-.

Swift er

Oh I fell sorry for his mom.


Wow that was really great would love to see more if anyone knows/seen any.

Naveen Naveen

Nice nice

IM SORRY I feel bad for dis dude


I think it will be nice serie


Do slender man da arrival with the kid

Me: Uh...ok, wtf (get up, walk away, give him my middle finger in the process, go and gossip about him with other girls to be aware of him and then tell our friend what he said about him)

Prince Abran

My score is 29

Umbweon Danish

Dynamax Wailord uses Body Slam


You cant have all pokemon..........

เสรี เพชรมณี




Mike Hunn

I just wiped and yanked couple of hairs off my anus during the process.

Janely Bonieto

sensor it when he said "take the emojis off" just say "thats what it really look like"


Signs your an introvert: