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Pat Kelly - Talk About Love

Oscar Maldonado

Alguien que hable español :v


it's brittany bitch lol

S_ H_

Skiing stereotypes


I get all my groceries from GuruKid's Groceries.

Dybala P


Evan Lilly

Thank you for including the Matilda scene, that was my first ASMR experience as a kid

alvin cunanan

i salute kd for his being true warriors dispite for his injury he try to contribute for there team his a hero for me


That was a very creative way to educate about what sugar dose to body.

taylor Christopher

Omg how did they get away with that?


I don't see how this is a problem worth crying about.


Needs more outtakes with black grandma = ded


harley Vjj

all these whos watching in 2018 retards. instead of commenting where they should film at. same retards to scream first lmao

Emmy Covers

I did an acoustic cover of this song if anyone wants to peep it ;) It sounds a lil different but love Chris and wanted to pay tribute :)

Aron Mountaineer

Are you excited for Rogue One?

Plasma amour Teo

Why not try badminton trick shot

Shankar Pal

Actually I curse both life and death.

Andrea Thom

I liked when ty throw his hat down

~Mayuri senpai~

Soo relatable even the ,,thinking what to say" thing 😅😃

Robert's Take

Check your sugar

Some Thiccc Skeleton

Depends which hospital you go to


6:52 F*CK

Doña bella Garcia

Me gusto🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰❤️

Mitchell Julius

I haven't considered a shit-bucket, and a months supply of hot pockets before, and now I am.


If this is how you felt about the game you obviously didn't understand or appreciate it's purpose. It was a mock of 80's futuristic games.

JayJay Fresh

“Dude,what r u on?” Had me dead😭

Kenardo MG

The first person with the original song and original voice who gets the golder buzzer on AGT history.

Craig xen: 1:26 sitting on rooftop

Jacob R256

I’m a little bit of a trash talker

Yousef Issa

The best vido

julia kayley

diamond had the best life any dog could ask for and you should be proud<3 sorry for your loss doll

Charlie UwU

The thumbnail make him look like he really needed to piss