Paw Patrol Unboxing: Lookout Surprise w/ Fireman Marshall, Ryder, Chase, Skye & Rubble Pups for Kids united games

Paw Patrol Unboxing: Lookout Surprise w/ Fireman Marshall, Ryder, Chase, Skye & Rubble Pups for Kids

Paw Patrol Unboxing: Lookout Toy Surprise w/ Fireman Marshall, Ryder, Chase, Skye & Rubble Pups for Kids.Have Fun :)Have Fun :)Hi Parents. All Toys are bought by myself. This video is supposed to review and show the toys functions in an entertaining and family friendly way.Sounds: FreeSound.org___________________________________Business Inquiries: kinderspielzeugkanal@web.de___________________________________

Thyssen Andersen

Most of those were yellow Bruh

Baby Samuel

Tyler always wins

(Ha ha bad joke no one will get)

VRT Kitchen

2.20 - Isn't it a 90 degree turn


Nr 2 was sooo creepy! Since i was 9 i had been afraid of slender man. Now I'm 12...

Jeremiah Harry

10:15 im almost certain that is fake cause they had the same looking think in halo 3, they both have the poorly edited outline.

Luka Balbuena

Did anybody else think when Tyler picked up the turtle he yeeted it 🐢🐢☠️☠️ #5:33 like if you agree

Victor Sino-Cruz

10:40 R.I.P Coby

Reeyan Qasim

*screaming has entered the chat*


Ohhh look, Lex Luthor Xb

francis montplaisir

Kid guru its good to ear you i have a question for you q&a ep1: can you plug a web cam and show us your self


LAWL look at his golf club "I hand crafted it last night" two pieces of metal welded together very nice.

martina nugent

I bet he went back to the other woman.And is probably doing that to her now

Fernando Mora

23 bounces

Amaan Patel

I am your biggessssst friend and I am also doing trick shots everyday


Can I join dude perfect

Deep Patel

Do an nerf fortnite blaster battle

Austin Waller


Xyon gamer

will you make another video on battlefield 1 when the dlcs come out ?

Sicko Hope


Fashion Plus

I watch in 2018




Heyyyyy Guru almost 3 mil views. Great job

Christina O'Day

i could see through the blurriness

Micah Gadsden

Are you guys going to make another video

Larry Moore

2:15-2:23 SILENCE_________________

Sharath H.B

2:29 best dance I've seen

Robert Cavallaro

Wonder who the panda is

Robbie Moody

fun the first one is not a easter egg its a side mission on red dead undead nightmare


At the beginning they say the new hq but the title says old hq

James Roman

This years Super Bowl was terrible!

Grace Riggs



What's the song at the start?

Ben Reber

10 20 30 and 60

Can I Get 1k Subs With No Vids?


Gaming Lazerz

ball hunter

Zoë Nightshade

honestly the mental hospital i went to was a pretty chill place. they had good food and xbox 1. there were good people there bla bla it was pretty cool

Mr. Striker

Rage monster is my fav

And you call her a slave.

Victor Molina



For the salt joke they should of said that he was salty

Toad ya Boi 930

3:50 did they even make it 🤔

Town Park 13

How tha hell you find all these easter eggs ?


They got to get in an airplane for basketball trickshots... I want there lives D:

Galactus G


buckeye998197 y

Skip is right besides the 47 point game he hasn't been great. Klay has been the most important player for gs

Sandhya N

Where are the twins!?

Heather Balderas

A lot of the trick shots


He means the trick, genius.

Logan Wiebe

Church stereotypes

that would be me