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Avakin Kingz XD

wereѕ yoυr mother


I'm allergic to all protein except for those in meat. I need my aminoacids. Still eat less than average person.


Man,You're One Of The Best Youtubers Ever! :3

Rohiza Abidin

Your ex-husband is a son of a b#####

Samad Sheikh

Tyler is the boss

domingo gomez

Hermosa canción😻

I didn’t I have no bully (;-;)

Loozed Jiing

Change the music to an opptimistic happy song, so it seems like the PE teacher was great.

Football Analytics

Legends still say that morata can’t hit the ball since than


basketballs not allowed on a baseball field but good vid

Min Xu

I like Ty

Walker Gantt


Ethan Arndt

cody looks like his dad

Nathaniel Aguiman


Gabriel Evan the kid Navarro


Vj Famulag

Is the 1st and 2nd guy are twins? They are like same faces. Hehehehe. Plss tell me hahahaha


Lmao gotta avoid that nintendo copyright

Yen Hang Yien

its not hurt or what?I mean the glass

coolman209 coolman209

6:55 look at all those chicken s


The FlapJack -Tyler Toney 2013

Reima Mäenrinta

Fancy to Patreon?

Lords Throne

Lays tomato tango😎

Kim Taehyung

My names Mary and I look exactly like her except I have bangs now I used to not and looked like that but not only that There were 2 girls who did the same thing to me but I didn’t cut my wrist I just moved away because I was so lonely and they used to be my friends. I also moved because my mom wanted a new house. ;3 🌸💜btw I’m a bts army and that helped me through a lot.


The outro music is Kanye West - 30 Hours

Jack Vopal

Tyler did like everything in this video

gianluca ciliberti

How do you find these do you search them or do you find them yourself?

React to Aurelio Voltaire,react to Aurelio Voltaire, react to Aurelio Voltaire


Now they need do the outer space shot

Musti Yaman

How can such a great video have 2k+ Dislikes?!?

Samama Sohail

The short name would be Basketball Short


i've heard that line from somewhere but can't remeber

Twin 2ube

2018 people??

Cristopher Alexander

Yesss this is what I was waiting for

David Tao

Captain America looks like Captain Italiano

George Lavchanski

Tzuyu and Jihyo 😍🤩 I love this part 2:35 and above! ❤🌹 I can't stop listening to it.


But hardline wasnt even released back then... How?


Go for cricket too

GodLikeSkills Krew

1:42 I pissed myself

Rosemary Johnson


Alex Editing

I woulda beat the shit outta him from the get go, my mama and I keep baseball bats for a reason

Pablo Scanziani

nothing better