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Pokemon In Real Life 2018 | Top 25s | All Characters

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Hosea Matthews


Kane Olidan

1:21 i bet Elsa is Singing there!!




I was born 5 days late.......

Derek the cuber

it is funny how garret wanted to disqualify himself and won at 3:16

Visca Gex

I miss LA Noire so much

Johan Cisneros

Surfing shots

john genesis umali

"That's a lot of trust!"


Anyone else notice Lotso in the bottom left of 2:38 ?


I dont want you to repeat yourself, but it would be really great to see a video dedicated just to all the emotes, emoticons, back blings and etc, reading their description/how to they look like and what they reference. For example, the "Chomp Jr." Pickaxe's description is "They're going to need a bigger fort", wich i assume you know where that comes from. Like that, there are many, many more that even i dont know of. Hope you like the idea!

Bec Lennon

Great vid


hey please subscribe to me!


I unfortunately had to dislike his comment , because some dumbass voted up :<

albert tabligan

I feel bad he just flew to California to dig quarters and cheap watch

Fortnite: “A piece of me has fallen”

BritishGamer 6309

Be a bouncy ball, bounce back!

Arnav Agarwal

I loved the slingshot trickshot

Bio_ Jek

Oh ya the New Orleans Saints are baller! Like for a saints super bowl win!

Олег Тимошин

В 8 есть еще пасхалка слева от костюма атаки титанов висит платье из моногатари

Hachumall Love

Her: so I did what any person would do and stalked his profile.

•Gacha Sunny•

5 feet apart anybody?

Young XSO

Awesome video like usual btw i need the soundtrack of this video


That sounds so cool tbh..

Seamus O'Sullivan

Tyler is the Sultan of sweat


Regarding the record in Lutece's lab, I'm not sure this should be considered as an easter egg. It is explained through the story (if you pick up Voxaphones) that Albert Fink stole music from parallel universes through the tears of Lutece. Jeremiah Fink did the same thing with weapons and I'm pretty sure he did that with the Vigors too (stealing Plasmids from Rapture & rebranding it). So technically, I would consider this record as just being a prop that sustains the story, not a mere easter egg

Snow Wolf

Doctor: you have an 80% chance of dying from cancer

Vagelis Stefanopoulos

I actually enjoyed that little video! Bravo to you! : )

A Toaster


Patience Blue

One word: adoption


Calm down your okay, I know the feeling of not doing anything right..please just BE STRONG!!! 😊

Joey Karam

I’m a Harry Potter fan to!

Davey Jug


Gabo Churo


Jade Roseanne

8:46 me trying to stay calm but then eventually losing it

Mohammed Kothari

Is this a run and gun game?

Jordan Hedges

I love the music they pick for the vids. Always become fav songs.

Footbalr Finn

Isn’t that the new hq but not decorated they were filming in?

Kool Kat

I didn't expect it to happen but I have anxiety too when it comes to dating and I started crying in the middle of the video....


The to Tylers

Eeshwar shivam

You dude perfect ! ....PERFECT DUDE