President Trump: 30 Hours l Interview with George Stephanopoulos l Part 1 united games

President Trump: 30 Hours l Interview with George Stephanopoulos l Part 1

WATCH THE FULL INTERVIEW SPECIAL: available on Hulu: on polls showing Biden ahead: 'I don't believe those polls'During the first day of ABC News' 30-hour embed, Trump told ABC News' George Stephanopoulos that "there's no way [Joe Biden] beats me in Texas... my polls show that I'm winning everywhere."#Trump30Hours #ABCNews #Trump #InterviewSUBSCRIBE to ABC NEWS: More on ABC News on FACEBOOKABC News on TWITTER:MORNING AMERICA'S HOMEPAGE:

Master Gravity

I decided to quickly flick through Dude Perfect’s trick shots in order to find some songs from ‘The Score’ (THE BEST BOYBAND IN THE F***ING UNIVERSE) and guess what? I get Shakedown (Arguably one of their best songs) on my first try! IT WAS THE START OF SOMETHING GREAT NOW HERE COMES THE SHAKEDOWN!!!

That W guy

All really good finds, but you’re missing one that is hard to get without the mutation Marsupial. It’s a Panda and an Alien on the highest mountain in the game. There’s some writing on the wall up there saying “Astropanda”.

Um.... that's not a bikini

mylimo thegreat

wtf on the pony gun XD

Get 1,000,000 With no videos

Who in 2019

Yash Mahalle

What can I say, PERFECT....!!!!



Gacha Heart

Minute Videos


That’s better than me at least XD

Pain? Mist la ame ♥♥♥

3ven Veronikis

3:26 Although many committed suicide, the cult leaders were actually forcefully injecting many people and some had no idea what they were getting into. There are manuscripts, recordings, and descriptive videos around the internet.

undertale is cool please be cool

my dad finished underwatch

motomoto 29

Dude thout you where dead

Recklessone 98

Nathan Drake?!?! ND? Nani?!

Pawelec Widelec

You might think that Nessy is standing up but he was actually laying on his bacc

Sierra Sammy

I don't want to leave my bed for school..

Leo Adrian

Ate 15 Cadbury chocolate cause

Patrick Hamilton

So Ian's a Jedi haha

The Horse Channel

Good job for doing the right thing! No wait ENORMOUS GREaT BiG FAt THUMBS UP


Kylie: I'm restocking my products soon.


I'm gonna be a blitzball when I grow up!

Luke Miles

Where’s when he is high On weed

I’m Surprised

I escaped my country

liz g.m

Not to be mean, but if she knew she had asthma why continue smoking and also she had her babies,,probably she didn't think it was going to get worse.I hate the smell of smoke I feel like throwing up or I get a headache,,people need to stop smoking is for there own health. Hopefully the little babies can remember there mom when they grow up


That nerf football at @1:43 sounded so weird, but awesome. lol

serendipity korgath

epic games store........ a shame game looked good to :(

Allison Nolasco

My wife left me before I she got rich I feel violated

ઇબ્રાહિમ એસ્કેબેકોવ



Would you like to do the final fantasy xv easter eggs video?

Zac Lebeau

You guys were friggen hilarious together lmao

Girl : hmm.. Like it go right

Zaria . R

Gg les mecs vous gères de ouf 😊

Lukas Scott - DJ Trace

Garret @2:55 though