[PS3] ICO - Gameplay 1 game ok naam games

[PS3] ICO - Gameplay 1

ICO is an action-adventure game published by Sony Computer Entertainment.Opening and gameplay of ICO HD Version.Voice/Subtitle: English.《迷霧古城》HD 重製版,實機遊戲。全英文版。

Mr. Pickelstein

The porter one made me sad.

HATER be you cuz everyone elese is already taken

Every story that they tell is sad like what is there problem

kyungmin son


Jenna Rempel

Awesome to see Abbotsford make an appearance in your early videos! What brought you guys here in the first place?Ps. Always welcome back 😉

Keegan Fuhri

You guys are the best YouTubers in the whole world

Jj Garcia

What is that drawing app

Friends Friends

Gagan G

cody didnt do the drift of the traxxas big car


7 wow thats pretty cool


I don't know usually when im stressed im watching your videos ,prob bcs of music and the overall chill :)

Tosca Samson

That was mean TY

Paul Teullé

Is it 10 years challenge?HAPPY DUDE PERFECT

Aiden Smith


Revolver Ocelot


krittika Kirtania

A very inspiring story

Mystery Gamer

Because of this video, you got me into zombies, and I thank you for that

Georgia LoSchiavo

Nate really likes his new toy pressure washer.

Radi Hadi

ما هي الفائدة من كل هذاااا!!!!

Tiffanie Chau

Well at least Costco has no hassle returns

An Odd1

I had all the symptoms about a year ago, and I haven't told anyone. But now I am as happy as I have ever been

Congratulations on your daughter.

Sumeet Ghosh

Have you guys nothing else to do.Simply doing this and that and jumping and celebrating like a jack rabbit as if you won the world!

Oriana Weber

i love harry potter

Xtra Chromosome

nice easteregg at 6:00 :)

Goverment:I am enivatable


When its an international man of mystery its okay but when anyone else does it people want to call the cops.

Helen-Lynn Malcolm

Maybe we put bagels

2.Where's the mother :P

Cole Donner

please make a 2nd one

Sapphire Tube

3 and 2. That is what got me the most, my parents do the wrong options and it made me feel hopeless and that I am not good enough, especially when my mom once said "You should be a little more perfect". Whenever my "friends" asks if I wanna hang out I always say "Maybe... I'll come or message you if I come, okay?" Everything got me so stressed, i'm failing every class and especially math, i'm way back in the math book, my classmates are on question 30 and i'm still on question 12! (We just started with chapter 10 in the math book) I am stressed out ever since I got popular on YouTube, my parents expect so much from me and YouTube also do! It took half a year for me to get new friends after my fake friends replaced me because I was so scared they wouldn't like me for who I am! I get so nervous around people ALL THE TIME that I start saying Just Kidding after everything I say. I cant't control myself anymore, I have no one that I know in real life and not the internet that I can talk to because they all did something towards me.


We are just glad you’re still alive and living right this moment to say this story, thanks for sharing this with us

Guy: dances on the corpse

Red Joker77

You got me right in the... oh wait that means small crotch

Naqaa Babiker

Sad life!!!!!! 😔 😔 😔 😔 😔 😔 😔

Rip to the person that died

Peanut Peanuts Vlogs

Then your name is Iman


My favourite was a picture of George Lucas appearing in the mouth of an animal in one of your movie vids :D

Krshna Denise Mirador


Nexhat Reci

Cody’s save is bs

told by the game producers

Burak koç

Yorumlarda Türk arıyorum 🇹🇷

Saunders 4-1

Now, imagine playing BF4 on Operation Outbreak all bored without music, but you realize that you're a American Soldier and so you take the Huey, and make the "Ride of the Valkyries" song play and then 2 of your squad-mates spawn on you and take the miniguns and it just feels so good..

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Lele still cant act for shit. Thank God someone else wrote this and directed it