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Ray Stevens - Unchained Melody

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Best as always

Amanda Vazquez

If John does that again he should have 💩 in his 🤡 face

Damian cruz

Gta5 better get a update for parkour and stuff or there should be parkour in gta6

Lee AA

71 comment I'm early

割C H A I M A A

A gmail hacker needed dm me really urgent

Dylon Doak

How did ty and gar not get dq

shaziya razack


Abdulrahman Khalifa


Swee Kwang Tan

You should do hotel stereo tiles


Catherine is so pretty. literally the only reason why i watch the acefamily.


Keep it funky?


wat do u mean by bfg


UNICORN GLITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😂

muhd azwan

yes you should be

Diego Diaz

I like turtles

Ridge Calendine

Great video but idk what #1 is a Easter egg to, yeah it's a feature that you have to find but normally an Easter egg is a reference to another game or movie this is just a feature of the game that's unlockable through a secr.... oh wait this video is about secrets too nevermind lol

No one:

faisal mon

name of song

Hi_ Linker

when anthony and ian directed this video its so much funny than this

nicole miller

Mat Pat I Know one movie you did not theorize on yet... CoRpSe BrIdE so please do a theory on it again the movie is called corpse bride also I love your channel especially the bendy theory's your theory's inspire me to make my own theory's and also other peeps reading this MAKE SURE TO LIKE ALL MAT PATS VIDEOS AND SUBSCRIBE AND DONT FORGET TO HIT THAT BELL FOR NEW NOTIFICATIONS FROM THE THEORY LORD HIM SELF AND THATS IT THANK YOU 😀😁😀😁😀😁😮😉😝😗🙋💪💘😶😮

Zaireen Hussein


Will Lambourne



1:12 that failed fist bump tho 😂


Completely missed the KH reference.