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Tyre Nee

Cam newton

Kawaywisteria moon


Jackie Moliner

I was the exact same way. I now look up to my favorite artists as inspiration as I continue to strive to be successful in my own work.

Emma Lou

I liked he last one best

Noah Levy

Oh silly panda

jkjk i felt bad before the video even started

Mahadev Krishnan

This was the first DP vid i ever watched

Martinirijillo :3

The garden of the words 😍❤

Op -Randomz

In the first minute there are two MASSIVE flaws in this story that shot that its fake.


I Keep coming back. Both the video and the song is just beautiful

Joseph Jeffery

Your the best

TaiChi 323

For those who were wondering: when the gong is struck, it is used to get the attention of a large quantity of people and the bow is not used with the hands but is used to show respect and greet people formally.

Lps Bubble Tea

I used to have asthma but I don't have it anymore but my older sister dose but she doesn't smoke



Cullen O'Neill

putting a bonfire in your game is the Dark Souls of Easter Eggs

Jon Lin

i wish i could do this! YOu guys must have so much adrenaline

Me: why are you gay?

Kay Faith

Costumes are always judged at dance competitions

Calvin Zblewski

milking bucky


ohh my god

Killer Megalovania

I was at walmart the other day and I had a blue jacket and TWO people came up to me looking for Art supplies and I helped them as my Dad laughed his butt off in the background

Billy Mahmoud

1 - Fancy

Doggo Life04

I agree OCD is not being such of a organized person, it’s the thoughts!! That’s always remain in your head and you always think about the same things and you just worry all the time. I have OCD and anxiety mental issues. I always fear of murdering someone or becoming evil and sometimes I think inappropriate stuff...and I’m 12!!! I try so hard to calm down, today I went out to get a diary to express my problems by writing them out, I feel so different and I always also feel like a 3rd wheel and I got no true friends.. to tell or trust I’m a very much of a loner and am sad 😢 all the time, I feel as I am the only one of my kind. And OCD has ruined me, after watching movies that I was to young to watch that’s when this began, and one time I was tempted to start self harm, but I didn’t, and one of my friends did it. I have a friend who talks to me about her problems and she says she talks to me about this stuff cause im a good listener, but... I don’t got anyone to talk to cause I’m a loner and I don’t feel like anyone is my friend and by putting this out there is my ONLY way of communicating, by having a book to share my feelings actually helps and I do recommend a diary, but if u feel the same as me just comment.... and this is huge for me to share... OCD and anxiety are ruining my life and the fact that I’m so self conscious and has been bullied, x-x anyone out there?!


You are so good at YouTube videos

Sebo22 Channel

I cumshoted on this videi

riena queen

Lele and rudy posted at the same juanpa

Jake Harvanchik

DUDE shoot it from the empire state building