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I recently watched the new "Bones Brigade Stacy Peralta" documentary and it was 2 hours of greatness!! Which inspired me to dig through some old skate videos (That I Purchased and are of my own) I had and Here it Is! "ON Skateboarding Winter Issue 2002"... LIKE COMMENT SHARE SUBSCRIBE...ENJOY!"The Black Heart Procession-Waterfront - the Sinking Road", sound recording administered by: 25:42WMG"Restiform Bodies-Still Suit, Pt. C", sound recording administered by: 14:48The Orchard Music

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I have a little bit of depression I think BC I also take things too seriously and personally also I always take things the wrong way but thankfully I've been able to turn it down and I hope you can too good luck 🙃🙂😊

Xqkkclokkwolf !

If this was me I would be due

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“That’s your daughter, you know she gets away from yo-“ Boom Imagine seeing that happen in front of your daughter, something no one could possibly bear to see.

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I thought it was gonna be porn on the computer


I really loved it Prince Joffrey cameo in the Borderlands 2 named Prince Jeffrey 🤣 He said "mommy mommy" like joffrey 🤣


It's like a drama queen!

And I hope you get lots of support

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2019 enyone

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1:37 Famous Last Words

Fortnite LOL


Blvcee El hacker


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I have anxiety, because my bff who was the best and never complained about me changed....... She always made fun of me in the smallest of situations. One time we had to point out a city on a map in class and our teacher said "EVERYONE TRY TO FIND OTTOWA." As we were searching I found it in Canada and said "I FOUND ODOWA ITS IN CANADA" then my ex bff said " HEY THIS IS ENGLAND WE SAY OTTOWA NOT ODOWA. DO YOU SPEAK ENGLISH? WE SPEAK IN ENGLISH ACCENTS" this was the only time I could feel so angry but I just sarcastically giggled and said " WHATS WRONG WITH MY ACCENT? I MEAN CLEARY THERES SOMETHING WRONG WITH YOUR FACE" she froze and my classmate Ana said " I THINK WE HAVE A WINNER." I just laughed and later Ana became my new BFF .

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black mirror???

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14 bounces

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Happy ‘B’ day Cory and Coby


this will be a classic in 10 years 🚫🧢

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I’m watching this when it has 86mill views

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Poor Panda he did not even make it into the hoop with the frisbee and got hit in the head with the basketball ouch cause that happened to me more then twice


Зачем блять орать как уебан безмозглый?!

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We're not afraid of the future we're afraid of repeating the past.

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in the movie you can see batman watching Rick and morty