Roundtable Rival - Lindsey Stirling game xapk games

Roundtable Rival - Lindsey Stirling

Watch behind the scenes here:album Shatter Me featuring "Roundtable Rival":Get it on iTunes: exclusive deluxe version at Target: on Amazon: pick up a copy of the Deluxe Edition of Lindsey's Christmas Album "Warmer in the Winter" at the following places:Target: & Noble Music: here for tour dates, tickets, and VIP upgrades: music here: me here:up for my super-cool newsletter here:in Everdream by: Lindsey StirlingShot on location at White Horse Ranch in Landers, California

Alban Baker

Who in 2019

Hudson Kauzlarich

Tie to pie

Assassin Naveed

U can also film in bounce


Undecided whether or not to buy this game. Does it play like Saint's Row 2?

NothingButJen .-.

I love this

Adara Relgnel

Ewwwww she keeps touching the sink!! I dont have OCD but that grosses me out

Lil Possy

Didn't got number 3



Talan Love

Mine is Ty's signature dunk

Asim Kolasevic

i love your vids do mooooooore plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz i love emmmm

Pickle Butter Boi -

I thought this was gonna be about how a bully changed his ways and got the girl NOPE a lesson about cyber bullying!

Sayou Cooper

This is kind of a random story because ,not to be mean but, who cares that u lost ur hair to cancer, everyone with cancer(not all types) lose hair to cancer

Pisko pisko

Traveling. stereotypes. 1 👍if you want to see to

King Endless



Dude, I wish I love how professional you are with everything. You're one of the few people's videos I consistently watch whenever I see them in my sub box.

Assassins Pug

people are just pointing out that you didn't put any easter eggs they like and ignoring how good the video is and that its your opinion on what to put in

Ligma arm

You guys are playing with mister druggypartyman

Gaming 24/7

Anyone 2019??



Brody Davis

Congrats bro

Thunder Dog 16

That swish tho by CP3

Pizza cat

I think it was just the odd one in my room that you had left the bathroom door open for me a little later on the day and if it is so bad it would not take that time YT was the time to come home from ya place for me to go get to the house to do a little thing to my dad to get to the bathroom so he What did I just say

beauty crush

Her daughter has a nicer car than me ..

Editor Hyuga

Please stop making fun of her

Exploding Kiwi


Bartek Malysa

Full of shit.. rapper who never made it preaching what he does not do himself.

Fishing pro

I did a half court shot yesterday

Sub to PewDiePie

Are the twins becoming op?

Dragonborn Gaming

6:37 Smile Dog Picture

Dodge Foshee

Everybody check out my vie do

Justin Maloney

ahh brings back memories im sellyourxbox :p

Precious The girl

Him: “Don’t call me a monster just yet.”

Ison Wood

Her boyfriend is a dog?

Jeremy Jem

Ya know I step on legos everyday so when I step on a lego it doesn’t hurt so I can beat your record by like walking a mile in legos

Tyra Dreamcloud

her: I'm the only healthy person in my family.

Qaasim Wasi

u should film with the avengers that would be amazing


Damn. Didn’t even know this was going on! And I myself live in New York.


Do basketball with Elston Turner!


keep pressing 3 and 4 it says butthole

Lauren Brackenridge

If watching in 2017 like

LM5hassnatchedme already

"Made us BOTH realize" bitch, it made YOU realize.

In a way, you were correct the first time too! Even though Spaceballs is a parody of Star Wars, that scene is a parody of Alien.

Alejandra Vazquez

Me artan no hablar


Yo I THINK I found one check my channel

home Satish84

Sorry coby but your are my friend

Leonardo Tenorio

people may not aopreciate what you do...

_Kirbythadon _

another one.... @5:21

Milagros Almagro

Is cody a ninja

meenakshi srivastava

stephen curry!


Logic Super Mario World XD

Matt Barber

it's a newspaper in England it looks exactly like the one in the video

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