Sasha and Dad celebrating mommy’s Birthday and buy Presents gamezy quiz games

Sasha and Dad celebrating mommy’s Birthday and buy Presents

Girl Sasha wakes up her father and tells him that today is her mother birthday. Dad and Sasha go to the store to buy gifts and making a cake for a partySmile Toys Review on Facebook - Toys Review on Instagram - Toys Review on - to CHANNEL -

Lil Blade YT

OMEGA LOL... Jk this is serious and I hope no one goes through this

Giuseppe M

1:19 Let it go 2.0

Mario Aguilera

I love the portal easter egg.

camera man

ThErS An eGg oN Ur HeaD

Zach Jachowicz

i love how they block out the pandas face


What is the bracelet at the end?

Même Master

This is how many times she said @$¥#&

Jordan Joslin

I thought No Dice

Gacha Herold

WOOOOOO COBYYyyYY after like 1,000 games he won

Humberto Olmos

Tyler said this is our football edtion but it's really himself doing the trickshots 😅😅😅

Michael Escobar

The splatoon one is fucking creepy af, when he said that this is his first time hearing this news, I literally shat my pants



April Dwyer



Omg this Vid had the sams Views like Subs

A Commenter

my car gets broken into

Dylan Garrett

What about ratchet and clank? That was a good movie adaptation of a video game! @filmtheory


One of my favourite vids

Ross Cardenas

how are you still that beautiful!?

Jack Madden

Why does this guy look like white bluefacr

Alectric Anime

I don't support lgtb eather but that doesn't mean I don't like the people that do!

Cool Queen kitty

These videos are really good! ❤💗😊


(From the wiki) quadriplegic is a form of paralysis affecting all four limbs of the body though it does not paralyse you completely there are treatments for the damage done to your ten-dens muscles and nerves. So basically it’s just her limbs and it can be fixed with spinal correction and cord moving. Which is a risk of her being paralysed

x xxx

I mean who in their right mind would send nudes. Like dudeeee, it's fooking gross

BiGKiDXavieR Holloman



gta v is going to be amazing

Mr. Unknown

She looks like Binky from Arthur

Katherine P

Migraine or cluster headaches, and that doctor sounds like a complete idiot. Try infusions of the same i.v. try a second opinion Eastern medicine

Juan Navarro

I want moooooooore.

Sir DoEsALoT

lol and the dragon in 1:18 is like WTF?????????

Meaghan Alyssa



William Propes

We all miss Jonny football

lou vizuet

it's like the 15th time I watch this and that part of jk hugged to hobi while sleeping always gets me

please sub :(


This fake so you all know.

Naimish Mishra

Omg 99 m

Elite Legends

Got the game! Finished it in a day. It rocks!

the girl:17 years old



Jie Jenny Chen

TY= shock

Eyeball Paul

I don't mean to be a jerk but the talos thingy easter eggs were really bad eggs shouldn't be included just cause you like the game

Mario Oiram

Haha, everybody needs to stfu. That looks fun ass eff.

Kyle Rendar 117

Those last few had nothing to do with star wars

Alabama: 100


@XscizorZ09 Yes, although i still think the you need to use the stone from Shangri La because you have it but never use it.

Brent Gayle

Where is that at

Grade: A-

Ava Brice

I’d kill myself if my parents had a open relationship there divorced but if they were together I would commit death it’s weird I would be embarrassed and never view them the same kinda disgusting

Eureka Blackmon

Dude to 888111



shoulda ran the ball

Kyle Frank

These are all pretty messed up... Except for the one where the lady is apparently the villain (I've never seen the movie), and he gags her with her own swimsuit. That's kind of funny.

Nohely E. Galvis V.

Esta cancion la amo 😍 es super bella ❤ y tambien triste 💔

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Mum: Peter’s a-