(SFM) If DRONES were added to COMPETITIVE - CS:GO Animation game rpg offline pc games

(SFM) If DRONES were added to COMPETITIVE - CS:GO Animation

What would happen if drones from CSGO's Battle Royale mode were added to competitive matchmaking?Special thanks to Classius, CageZ, TrashRaccoon and PvtSteveGaming for providing feedbackMusic Used:Intruder Alert - Team Fortress 2Le Chat Noir - Lucas PittmanSkip to This - The Fly Guy FiveSimple Pleasantries - Arthur BensonRain Check - Dylan SittsMade in Source Filmmaker.

Alicia Burroughs

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Golden Lion39

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pretty sure the unstable plasmid is a half life 2 reference, as it's teleport scenes are very similar to half life 2's,

Unseenbeast VTX

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PH savage 990

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Lazer V4

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It's lego Time

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Chase Johnson

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Black Wolfie

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Prithvi Sundar

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Jimjack Account

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Grace Padelsky

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Maan Kiim Baad

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Patricia Cano

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