Should Joss Whedon Direct The New X-Men - TJCS Companion Video gameost games

Should Joss Whedon Direct The New X-Men - TJCS Companion Video

Support John on Patreon!this special companion video, John take the viewer questions from his live shows the last day or 2 that he didn't have time to get to live.Submit your topic or question for The John Campea Show here:John on Instagram:


Film with stef curry

T d

رائع واكثر من رائع


is this Jackass or DP??


Why do i think thats Thermite lol


Damn Abstergo is everywhere!

Raul N Alaniz

while reading this you will1.not notice the number in the title2. look at the title and realize there is no number3. that I spelled title wrong4. you looked again4. you did t notice I put 4 two times5. plz like if you read this




Farrah Mccallum


Reuben Shaw

Whos watching in 2017?👌🏽

Di Dxpeo

Good shots , but are they really epic ? I found that hard to believe .

Gaming Ranger

“Stubborn 40 yrold lady” wait but i thought you didnt know her age..?

Scotty Writes Stuff

Damn. There's a lot of stuff that's set up for specific dates. To bad the main game doesn't have much to keep you going for so long... for the moment at least...

Anselm Haderer

Why is every stereotype wearing that ring

arif rachman

We need remake, not remastered

Лилия Поскребышева

I'm from Russia

LPK 23

If he missed u were dead


5:26 best jumpscare ever *claps* 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻


Don't be sad that it ended, know that this trailer is barely 2 minutes long.

Yash Bafna


Nuk3 Shad0w



make a video in which you guys shave your heads

Ann@ TCS

   It is clear that now in the 21st century We have come to cross roads.

Animation Maxime

4:06ASMR :)

Me: .....


whos watching this when johny is considered a bust?



Derek Snyder

in number 5 you can hear something like gaster from undertale

Finrod Felagund

I really hope that those eggs aren't fake :/

Bri Rosario

"Who Knew Evil Girls Have The Prettiest Face"


is this real is it a love story and they haveLOTS of nicknames for one another lol

Scithia ebr

I was hoping the borderlands one would be in there :)

Zoe Yaeger

Love their videos, but do u ever cringe at some of their celebrations 😬

Bahza !

“Hey, I’ve seen this one!”

Christopher bu122

Mad respect to Curry and his team. Doesn't matter if they win or lose, they won many hearts in these playoffs.

Ethan Bentely

12 bounces , i think

Julia Handley

Cory: I have the name

Its_ Asami

Polly is an example of a true friend



Mark Hardcore

Bro my dad when I was 10 because of cancer so I feel what you feel.