Some Poor Choices! (Game Fails #233) game ok naam games

Some Poor Choices! (Game Fails #233)

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KOBE Jones

theres a zombie in this game that can appear & it pounces u after letting out a loud screech this zombie could be a reference to a Hunter from Left 4 dead

Carys Carson

God this is milked so much

Antoine McLean Jr

U almost hit the poor butterfly😭😭😭


May 2019😋😛😝👌🏻👍🏻


Meatball sub from subway

Amit Kumar

Dude this game is perfect

Michael Keniston

Amazing inspirational video really has a lot of meaning to me at the moment I needed this

Spartan 2112 Beasts

Coby dropped the ball in the intro

Brit Yehboi

To summarise the comments comments - John is getting around 30,000 slaps 30,000 punchs and 20,000 kicks to the nuts.


The Last of Us Part II hype!

because of the relevance in the time period of the original games.

Abderrahim El Farh

Dale like si eres español

Jake And Sarah Health Nuts

Compared to your modern day videos this 5 and a half year old video actually sucks

mason Whitley

I'm so the my bad guy

Rihanapeta Dallas

Love this video lele and love you

To Icy

Red team is cheating

Daniel Cerny


newbies gaming

Just a question.. Don't you love your own face? So why do you cover it up with make up?


Protect the Shaolin!


Thanks :)

Aal ganteng

the power of fart 12:12

TheEmeraldNinja Girl

How do I tell them that when my Mum went to hospital I suddenly got it?


I hate it when people say " I am so OCD" It is not like that. They probable have no idea. my hands are red and sore from washing them all the time

Dion Hurt

My shit even if I dnt know what the fuck he saying

Joelle Li

You can always adopt


I didn't know penguins did 69


Where they in Iraq or Iran or something there are a lot of mosques in the video and a lot of women wearing hijab


It smells passion.

Jason McConnell

go coby

Lilyana Romero

I was mad throughout this whole video..



Theo Willis

Congrats on 1M

You have made me a more informed worker and I'll now be able to provide better support for my clients.

Sniper 19

Guillermo is perfect! This guy deserves his own show!

katarina prenaj


Cing Crab

Tyler is never selected on wheel unfortunate cuz he is Ned forester

I Hate Gays And Black People

That ugly piece of shit in the thumbnail looks like sid the sloth from ice age

Dakota Wilson


Breeana Reid

I’m so fancy


Sad about a B ?


talos principle

Abhimanyu Sharma