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Strongest Soldier in the World - Diamond Ott | Muscle Madness

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Ninja is the best fortnite player


Lil Kahoot

You cannot call those things dirt bikes they’re so small and not even that fast



Overlord63731 Rocky

Where is garret

Joltz gub box hi


Shirllee-anne Nicol

# me

Jumpyshortdude & NoobStone

I went to a Toby mac concert because that's the author of the song. The song is eye on it by Toby mac. He I'd a christian like dude perfect. I am also a christian

Jesse Verdijk

We are looking at framerates that we never seen before. Realy only 120 fps

Ivan Ivanovich

What is the first game? Anyone?

Thomas Forthewin

I love how respecting, authentic and admiring Ethan is of Hilas work and suffering. Just great.


So I watched it, but around the time he said Facebook bought Instagram, I went on the app and looked for an old classmate I still hate with a burning passion.

Diamond Art



I found A113 in Doctor Who of all places


Is that last one real? If so i never knew about it!!


More unemotionally mature that them

Yeetus Feetus

What the duck 🦆

Unknown Character

The world record guy was acting so awkward 😂

stanis mathew


Samuel Heredia

I’m eating a apple



Poor products, such a waste...


"just don't buy any dairy on my card, i don't want any history of that" -ethan dolan 2019


actualy for the one on way of the ninja just zero fault the track & you'll see it :) not that hard

Whenever we play around with sin, we vex and endanger our souls. Sin has no other goal than to destroy its victims. Every evil one could think of are agents of the devil and the end point of all sin is death, but many people play over the issue of death. They think it's only when one closes his or her eyes in sleep and gets buried. No, an unending journey begins after the physical death. Anyone who dies in sin would forever regret coming into this world. Then he or she would be in a constant state of death, but never dying. Romans 6:23 KJV

Dumb Dudes


lacey brooks

3:02 you know sailor moon right ?This is her now feel old yet?

Justin Rodriguez

I did the same thing cory

maureen mallya

You are my favourite person. I love you and I love your wisdom. Stay blessed. I am a thirty four year old woman who has never been happy. It's time I wake up and start living happily.

Madolche Mewfeuille

momo lookin wild thicc at 1:49 😍😍

I'm only 10 and I feel kinda depressed I'm just not exactly sure.

william McGuckin

Fire blaster should be codys nickname


Ty still wants to go there every day

Nihar Kulkarni

dp in india

Christina Dark

I think that eating meat is a crime! I feel ashamed of myself every time I eat meat.

michael anthony hilario

I do not know there is a F word from the song hey dude.

katerine Maria Jose Gonzalez Gonzalez

All of these exact moments triggered me before from these movies when I didn’t even knew what ASMR was, Awesome!!

Winnie Anderluh



Why are there no tickets a avalible in canada e you also have fans there too

Gareth Pontin

@BrettBarnett485 Whoops, completely miss-spelt my comment. That's not what I was trying to say at all

Johnmark Pangilinan

go filmed in the Philippines


dude i love you, u hate me i know :3


I like this more than Fancy and that’s saying a lot because I usually don’t like Japanese songs💛🔥