Subway Surf,Game Frenzy,Troll Quest Horror 2,Angry Birds,Dumb Ways 3,Planes Missiles,Mario Run gameost games

Subway Surf,Game Frenzy,Troll Quest Horror 2,Angry Birds,Dumb Ways 3,Planes Missiles,Mario Run

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voltron force

Im in shock ⚡⚡⚡⚡

Kelly Cristina

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Eli Kashuba

Do a curry video


THE EGG WOLD NOT have hit you

#7 You kidding me?!?!

Sophie Stovell

My names sophie😂😂lol ded I'm an introvert

John Clift

No affence over dude 3z but Cody’s my fav Cody’s the best and Cory is the winner of all

Faze censor 1

Whose watching this in 2019

# JoshaxxGOLD

Wow it’s number one on trending!

xNeurotic here

Look at all those moths

lavaboyplayzz LAVA

What ur b day?

Shyn Estan

I am 2018


Most of these obviously took more then one shot lol


3 years for 15 credits the cow got more in a few seconds :/

Abid Al Mahmud

Dude Perfect vs The Avengers will be the best

Thomas Houghton


American Gaming

lol Tyler wins a lot of battles

zeke kaebel

team coby all the way.

Malyka Rana

How do you come up with these names 😂

Al-Kurma Halal


Canned Eggs

Im a guy

Fatima Rahman

how is this guy still alive

Pl4yer Fire

I in Brazil

I’ll name out SOME of my problems not all of them because it would take so long

The One Wind

Bruh im 6 ft 0 and i walk slower than everyone else

Aidan Frey

You should do toy car trick shots. ( :

Idiot Sponges

You should do a Marilyn Monroe Look

Kordex Gaming

This is reminding me of 911 this is sad


Whats ur ig?

Caleb Hastings

I saw the dresses as blue and black, blue and gold

HAQ 05


landry longacre

i think the witch means your in mercy hospitle


My parents broke apart when I was three (I'm 12 now) so I never got to talk to both of them at the same time. I moved over 3 years ago, 13 hours away. Every since then I've felt so distant with all my family back home. I moved with only my sister and mom. I've talked with my dad a bit. My mom got mad at me because I started talking with my aunt on the phone instead of her. I felt like I couldn't talk to her because she's always getting mad at me and talking about how good she's doing in life and that I need to shape up. Eventually she kept me in a room where she made me talk to her. Then she didn't beleive me. She said she felt the same way when she was younger and her parents would punish her for being bad. She always talks about herself and acted like the victim. So she started to cry and tried making me comfort her. She was blaming my sadness all on my interests and dislikes and all this other stuff. She was making me feel like I was in the wrong for telling her anything. Before the conversation she took away my phone for taking to my dad and aunt. And so I couldn't watch videos for fun. It's been a month I think by now. At the end of each week I kinda lash out when she tries dumping her responsibilities on. Then she takes my phone away and says "it's never a good thing when I get like this" referring to the time I tried telling my other side of the family about it. I always have to lie to people about my life. Sense my mom does so many things my dad wouldn't approve of, she makes me lie to him and the rest of my family. I feel horrible. I don't know what to do right now. I made some goals for myself so I have something to look forward to. But recently, they've been slipping away.. I'm so sorry about this being long. I guess I kinda just vented to no one.


Fedpigb means first ever dude perfect iPhone game battle

Hh Wolf

I have NO clue why I was watching this the day my mom flew out to San Francisco •-• She’s back now but still.

Bunny Tube 2008


perfect dudes

god bless you😭😢


Guiserix Sacha

2:31 ...seriously ? console i know your not really fast or efficient or anything, bu seriously ? you can't just hurry up a litle bit ? we are already aming the 240hz and it's be a few years that we have 144hz now the goal is 120 hz on 4K and 75 on 8K... you should at least try to keep up !

Joe Word


Willowelfplayz /BTS/


I miss him

Ela H

Pleeeeaaase do a follow me around plant shopping video or a plant haul from a recent plant shopping adventure! I LOVED your video showing us all of your plants


Well I also found a building of Queen Enterprises (Arrow) and even a clothes shop named "Secred Six"!

Awa Cisse


MarkTCG the creeper gamer



i can easily do this if i had,money,time,a pool, poppularity, a group of friends, and guts.

Gachaverse and GachaLife and movies and memes


Trinh Nguyen

Terry kept his word!