Talking Tom Shorts – Ultra Marathon (All Episodes) game used jerseys games

Talking Tom Shorts – Ultra Marathon (All Episodes)

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TWO WTF THEY HAD TWO SYSTIC PHYBROSIS IDK HOW TO SPEEL BUT TWO 🤔🤔🤔 😐😐😐 and ur mum and dad r sick too wtf is ur family 😬 no offence


I just realizedOrange (Cody and Coby)= PrisonersBlue (Gar and Ty)= PoliceRed (Cody and Luke)= Fugatives

Derek Asciolla

Yes he does


You are cool


4:23 Sid from Toy Story


Because giant rats just appeares in every game. it's so normal. -.-




I couldn't stop laughing at the Nope at the end

I lost over 10 pounds and now everyone is telling me to gain weight. What the hell. I struggled for nothing. ( u may say 10 pounds arent a lot but for me are because i was over 110 pounds and now im 100)

Isaac Espinal

Who actually buys a console on release?

Alexandrei Van Villanueva

The one that runs on water amazed me! :oI thought it wont make it or at least fall but how was it possible? That rc was fast if i have that rc ill do it on a pool :3

Jose David Gonzalez Olave


Faze Optic Munchkin

Did you know outback was started in Florida

jacob vicknair

What is that sword at 1:35

Huma Mashal

1 like = 111111 billion

FredBear 756

Hopefully that jaws shark from family guy didn’t see.


Woah, a country where feminism is actually NEEDED


Patrick G

you should do firewatch

Tishorea Hall

I watched the first one now I'm watching the second one


I didn't miss any, I just chose not to put it in. Most people probably won't get a lot of the references in the game so I only put the larger ones in.