Tekken 7: BAM 11 Full Top 8 (JDCR, Ulsan, Chikurin, Rangchu, Nobi, Rest) | TWT2019 game xapk games

Tekken 7: BAM 11 Full Top 8 (JDCR, Ulsan, Chikurin, Rangchu, Nobi, Rest) | TWT2019

Tournament was held on 19th of May 2019.Brackets: World Tour: to watch live: Part 1: Part 2: 32 to Top 8: 1 - 04:54 (4lch2m15t [Kazumi, Steve] vs Rest [Hwoarang])Match 2 - 16:17 (JDCR [Armor King] vs RangChu [Katarina])Match 3 - 27:56 (Ulsan [Kazumi] vs Chand NY [Steve, Marduk])Match 4 - 38:19 (Nobi [Steve] vs Chikurin [Geese])Match 5 - 46:14Match 6 - 53:32Match 7 - 1:02:25 (Winner Finals)Match 8 - 1:21:50Match 9 - 1:29:37 (Losers Final)Match 10 - 1:43:35 (Grand Final)#twt2019 #tekken7 #tekkenworldtour #bam11

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