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Terminator Salvation - Review

This bare-bones movie tie-in is like a machine with synthetic rubber skin: it's not fooling anyone and you should stay away from it. Read our full review:


If anyone was wondering what two songs were in that mix at 9:50 the songs names are Crank that by Soulja Boy and Snow Halation by u's

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Who look in year 2017 ?

Ashmit Arora


Giovani Germani

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Wavy Kiwi

Bruh this ain’t the move 💀

4. Our 1 & 2

DSDance 2


Titan The hockey goalie master

Ty you got to get in the butterfly

Knight Warriors

Man play with messi and ronaldo

Sam Lynch

How do you know it was a mans apartment. You could of made friends with a girl and just crashed at hers. I mean it was a mans apartment but still.

I Am Roan Gamer

Your channel is awsome


1:30 so they are going to meet Merida from Brave?

Kyd B. Wilde

Whoa! Ratchet & clank got an upgrade

Lalitha Erigila

Which bottle do you smash heads with?

Malfatti Davide

For a moment i thought he trown the turtle

T . T

Punters are people too, but you are not

Captain Rex

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his foot was on the line.....

It had been 20years. 20 years into the apocalypse and we hadn’t seen any infected animals as we travel. For it to just “start happening” or we just magically “had never seen any before”, (the monkeys in the labs don’t count..... right?) would be wrong, IN MY OPINION.


Probably no-one never noticed, but there's an A113 in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol aswell!

Rosemary Kirstenfeldt


Ben Ruehmann

I am Mr. Mood swing

Minor Crisis

The twins and cows are the biggest winners because they never died

Valeriy Avagyan

Your videos are crazy and those trickshots litteraly seem impossible

Walter Whitehead

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Frederik Hofmann

If a video loads you can transform the buffering sign (which is turning) into a snake(the game)


Y does this video have thousands of views and the percentage of hapy people in this video migth not be up to 10 %

Julian Seale

Just parking my comment early here.

Corrie Brownlee

Great shots


Dudes will u do jump edition

Vehicle’s And Cameras

My favorite video from all time I’m a rancher kid but a boy that likes dude perfect 👌

Preston Smith

NOOOOO! Batman action figure got exploded

Camp Hike Survive

So like Nathan Drake as a Jedi. The Schwartz is strong.