TERRIBLE Nintendo Switch Games Anti-Buying Guide, What To AVOID! game rpg offline pc games

TERRIBLE Nintendo Switch Games Anti-Buying Guide, What To AVOID!

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i wont ever be excited for any e3. Publishers are dead inside.



Stephen A been kissing KD ass since KD snapped on him. He wants a interview so bad but he ain't going to get it


it was a dangerous move by lowry

Ryan Pelser

i think this is fake because how do you know the conversation between them if he did not remember it is this just trying to incourage us to live a better life and not taking it for granted

Lazy Sunday

5:11 some good Sprite that is

Ethan Laramy

CANADA ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

faze 12375

Go go go go go go tyler

Kyla Pancake

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[Verse 1: GNAR]

3abdalah m3ade

what is this game

Umair's Awesome World

Cool and nice and fun video


So we got a message that stays for 10 seconds saying READ THE DESCRIPTION and there are still people asking "why so short?" I never thought it was possible but a new level of stupid has been achieved


" we're actually using the ssd as virtual ram!" wow so innovating, especially something I haven't been doing for my pc's the past 7 years

So is the money coming in my bank account now?


Please make a video with Liverpool FC

Ibrahim Khan

Can you use the blue egg in the background sometime? Would love to see how it’s done.

Because i won't to have sex with any girls


holy fuck. i became so shocked at the intro D: so glad you are not leaving <3

Viktoro LP

You shoot the car and a giant rat comes running....

Curly_ Frys

I used the fun funnel last summer

Gatcha_ Slimez


Bryce Goodroad


MasterJ Ikoo

Stupid Golden Statr Warriors... hahaha. Fucking losers. They need 6 fucking stars to defeat a team led by a player who is in his first season with them after recovering from a bad injury. Fucking loserd GSW. Bahaba