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🔦 TESLA Shine Away (images and lyrics) 🔦

Here's one of Tesla's best songs ever..I incorporated religion, vampires, near death, heartbreakand false assurance. Hope you like!

Olivia B

Good job James

Karen McGuire

was the ball all poopy when you took it out?

Don’t worry about It

I hate your voice

Taco Dita

oh i thought they killed cereal killers :3

S k

Noel didn’t have to go that hard- especially with THE WINK

Stop judging other people's failures and start helping them i. What your good at but they are not.

kci barraza

you have the spelling of a 2nd grader and he is not taking credit he's just making video's of the easter eggs and even if he did find all these easter eggs doesn't mean he's a no life it just means he's really good so fuck off. :)

janiah ysabel yee

She has Gretchen Wieners hair.



Xxbaby . raeraexX

Ethan: “Grayson you literally...I’m looking at inflatables in the backyard”

زهره الخليج والساحل

اشتركوا بقناتي بليس😃😄

Γιώργος Μαλαματένιας

He looks like Lex louthor



Abigail Benoit

can I tell you something I'm also 10 years old, actually, I'm 9 years old, but I am almost 10 years old, so I got diabetes when I was like, 769, although, any 9 and about to be 10

Wes Hardin

wonder if Tyson Chandler went hot tubbing with them

Dad fractured his ankle

Jürgen-Madis Paat

Im weird or somebody else thinks too that mist is like a weed?😂

James Lee

Go to Sky high! If you know what and where it is.

kek XD

Well I don't have value, everyone is better, in everyway. The only "unique" thing about me is I'm fat and ugly. Everyone else is better.

Brandon Spicer

I'm eating berry gummy worms and mango slices and blood orange lemonade. 😋

luna moon

How's baby mat pat

roman guevarra

Wait wait wait I noticed the music on the radio is still alive...


Low low price of $999

Terry Rivera

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the mystery man

Is this catch an realise

Rhino Horns

John Cena

Lang San Agustin


Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day of your life

Janae Frigillana


Eggos r cool

What’s horrible girl

Talon тнe Wolf

This year a girl in my gtade had a glastoma brain tumor over a weekend, on monday we heard she was getting a surgry and people were there to help if you were mourning. The next day they told everyone she was brain dead. She was popular and i was no way popular but my cusin had the same name and i missed her as i havent seen her in forever. (It was the beging of the school year)

Antonis Z

How tha hell are you 600k. subscribers!?Your videos are great and you need at least 3mil and more...

Tyler Maus