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Juan Zamorano

donde seconsige esetrage

adriana tulejova

This is similar to my relationship with my bf

Ellie Mcentagart



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The Rising Phoenix

Piddy the bird!

Big Chungus

It’s hurts cuz she is trying to pee with a boner

Phoenix Brock

You watch how to get six pack videos? How lame.


The day after glider redeploy is gone

derick Penaflor


Kylie Kylie

I love this vidéo and i like to be a mom i wanted even it came hard and scared from me but i love kids and peregnancy it exacited 😍😍

Making YouTube cringe compilations out of jack’s childhood family videos

Judy Chen

4:21 4:16

rishi pal

And this got 7.3m viewss..... Bruhhh you guys really are the besttt

Jasmyne Wolfe

GO TEAM COBY!!!!!!:):):):):):):):)

Mario M. M.

Jesus. That dark Souls reference killed me.. This game is EASILY the best game I have ever played.

Hibye 23

Why does the guy in the thumbnail look like...

Angel Lozano

If this story is so personal why do you let the entire internet watch it? U dumb tho

Hi my name is nope !!!

Y’all have grown so much


wht with the statue in world at war...kind a weird

DTW John

What if you could load downloaded games from Xbox one by using your Microsoft account?