The Fight Is Over! (When Idiots Play Games #117) game vbhf games

The Fight Is Over! (When Idiots Play Games #117)

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Emerson Williams

I Live where he does (Texas)

Neko Chan

I think your sister is LDShadowlady.....

Kaiden Glover


Adam Curtis

You're my favourite YouTube channel try is my favourite


Always looking forward to new videos! Love the creepy mind blowing Easter eggs!

Tyrant Jura Meso Avliff Karavel Livyatan

What are you talking about? I don't even know you.

Hikari Miyawaghi

I still dont get it. Why you could talk about this story just like a everyday story?!! You made her almost kill herself. Lucky she is the tough one. But if she is not?! You kills a person, you know! Depression can really kills a person. It eats you from inside out. How horrible are you to not know that?!

harry bowers

the halo easter egg in duke nukem was because gearbox helped make halo combat evolved


can someone that’s homophobic genuinely explain how you can “disagree” with a sexuality?? how do you disagree with something that cannot be changed and factually exists. that’s like telling a boy with terminal cancer you disagree with the fact he has cancer. saying you disagree with homosexuality is like saying you disagree with the sky being blue or with the earth turning, and you wonder why people fume at you because it simply make no sense, you just sound dense. if you disagree with the sun shining you think it’s just gonna walk on out?

Kathy Fan

Marshmallow dodgeball haha!

Alexander Stantzsch


Varilyn HT

I’m confused, at the first they said they seperated but why they are suppose to get married this year ?

The meme guy "Your safe now, but in Spiderman 4 I will shoot you with a pistol"

Stefanie Smit

THANK YOU so much for making DP videos I (Peter) watch dude perfect almost every day and I also love your video games they're so fun. Please do exploding sugar!!!!!!!!!!!!


Raps in 5

droneboy1129 the gamer

I have this song


Let Guru do what he wants. Just because I'm a fan, I would love to see BF4 Easter eggs. Also if there are any Easter eggs on Beyond Two should o

  And now your shouting at her with hostility😭😲😡😠

Elegant Egotist

Like if you’re Team Purple Hoser!💜

Jacob Clous

Poor panda!😂

Suwi Mwansa


élan vital

10M?!! Go girl!! Xxx

Omowunmi Raji

The panda wat ever 🤔🤔🤔🤔

Dixon Wingrove

y does he need a gun playing golf

Aaron Schulist

Where is jump street

Jack Cockington

This music is super good, top work man!

Mickey Tot

Badass vids as always man, I've been wondering, whats your build? Its so clean and smooth :)

Melvin Rosa

When are we gonna get a game that actually looks like the trailer