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The Science of Heartbreak

Why is a 'broken heart' so painful?Check out Audible: It's FREE the fun!TWITTER - - and created by Mitchell Moffit (twitter @mitchellmoffit) and Gregory Brown (twitter @whalewatchmeplz).Further Reading:Why Does Social Exclusion Hurt? The Relationship Between Social and Physical PainBroken Heart Syndrome

C. B

I love u but how does it take over 20 seconds to show that ballon+clown=IT

Ramen Lover

Next Video: My Dog Is My Mom

Do going to Europe stereotypes please…again .

Dreamteller Mab ASMR

i come back here and to part 2 to watch from time to time. it has to be one of my favourite things in the world. i am a movies junkie and asmr content enthusiast audience and creator. nothing i can love more then this. please make part 4 5 6 7 8 9....of this!!!!!!!

abhi siram

Anyone in 2019?

Oliver's TV Channel

1:26, THE BOTTLE BUSTA STRIKES AGAIN. Cory will get his revenge though. He already has!


*”You got eczema?”

Lucas Gabriel Villa

I do like both Coby and Garrett💙❤️💜

Nimmi Andrew

My son Simon is your biggest fan

haden Hardy

i made another account just to subscribe.

mr. boss

That panda is kyrie irving

b l o n d e d

The new death stranding trailer looks really go-Wait...

Parth Rishi

Means nice video


4:28 Lol Its Just The Way You Said it XD


In a matter of minutes you care for the protagonist, understand the environment, understand everyone motivations and see KEANU REEVES! Insanely good trailer.

Levi Wilkinson

I fell bad for maroon☢

Link: I don't feel so good

Shineesvtmonxnmanymore Shawol

Omg its 3M wahhhh

Charles Chatman

She came on the show hungry as hell. LMAO!! "Im not eating anything today." LMAO

Aquila Queen

8 years old and you have a phone...

every one

Who's here before 1 million views!?

JJ Rodriguez

12:44 Josh (chik fil a worker) said imma Scrubscribe


Can you see what happens to jello with liquid nitrogen please

Edit: here is what I mean: 3:23

Aj Levchenko

Tanaright as a target


Damn i love this game


I completely forgot about that Princess Bride scene.


so cute

Rocko lee

Detroit Lions

Melvin Sta Maria

Its like a stick man

After all this they would eventually reach the end and all we, ARMYs, are left with are just this flashbacks of them....

cringe kween

anna’s hair is the new level of genius

Barbie Roberts

Kids needs guidance from their parents because they are new to our earth. They are new to our family. We should teach them everything with love and not yell at them to scare them ( if the kid makes you to do it. You know there are some devilish kids here and there. )

Kennie Dalany

I started crying bc something like that happened to my in my child hood


No, I just spend most of the money I get from Youtube on making the next video.

Everything Golden

Team neckless


Are those the stones from Brave at the end or am I crazy?

Please help?

Epic game. All timer.

Angel 1004

I feel so bad... 😖☹️

Viviane Maria Antunes



Anybody else notice the snake garret holds in the thumbnail?

Paula Gold

I wish I could play with him I I've noticed all his vids or most are from ps3

Sky Kid

From 1:52-7:00 Garrett doesn't have ninja skills but Ty does.


Very, very cool!

Angie Boynton

The brown’s should draft TRAVASE

Ophie Pecze

She's literally not the definition of ungrateful. Wtf. She wanted to help. Don't they f*cking get that?????


Who tf are these people


Goat and flight club merged last year so they better give him his money back

John-Kacey Ferreira-Sala

Because guess what I can

This is so interesting :(


H340 Playz

gocart shot

Damon Carmignani

If you look close there is a small rip on Cody’s turn at 2:09

Reece Bosgraaf

you should do a video with messi

michael anthony hilario

I enjoyed the Easter eggs so I can look in other areas Believe in this truth and you will enter the Kingdom. God promises.