The Surrogate [Full Movie] game xay nha minecraft games

The Surrogate [Full Movie]

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Dave Midgley

what deos panda look like?


Fighting over the internet is like the Special Olympics... no matter who crosses the finish line for the "win," they are still retarded.

Gem Nut

Why am I getting a feeling the movie Brave might have a little correlation with this🤔🤨

Jacob Louie

Splash bros for life!

Asha PH

When I heard the part about the dog being abused I screamed “OH H*LL NO I WOULD GRAB THE DOG AND RUN TO A FRIENDS HOUSE AND TELL THEM TO WATCH THE DOGS”


G.A.B.E=gabe.... lord gaben is real

WDAX The Fortnoob

2:03 what is that?


wind much but still Damn nice shot every time i wach this i still get amazed


How did they fix the court


nice vid guru

Alex Bea

WTF is with the farting unicorn

Om Joshi

Happy birthay 2 of you

Uniqueorn _

She is sooo annoying 😒

Riley Andrews

+FunWithGuru Could you do something todo with MrRobot?

cool and easy intelligence

Who likes dude perfect like my commentAnd dislike my comment if you don't likeI like so I am liking


i found the teddy bear easter egg few days ago

Get Trolled Bro

sick trick. but why does it have to be 47 spaces

Cade Peters

Wheres the part where he's douching it up

Awkward Noodle

First part: girl in hospital and maybe could be dying or having a baby

Damian Duarte

where was not there


Lol it doesn't "control" your life your just to gullible to fall for it.

anand mahalingam

Who else is rewatching this in 2019?What's the name of song?

Eli Sartor

fortnite strereotypes

Anne Thomas

I just watched a Kylie cosmetics advertisement and learned some people have WAY too much $. Hopefully in 10+ years she will be doing some Philanthropy and donating more money to people who need it, and not be so selfish.

Ella Madeline

This is a completely different tone than the original frozen trailer

Munisa Monica

One of my best friends are ocd and its really hard on her

Darshini B

ayyye i have elon musks car


Huh, so Monster's Inc and A Bugs Life may have happened simultaneously! :O


easter eggs in an easter egg video? would of never notice lol

Katherine Cervantes

This is making me cry and I feel hella stupid to make my mom mad because she has diabetes and it scares me that one day I will have to say bye to her. :( 😭

Jennifer Rosenthal

Dr seems annoyed

Audrey Mead

Dallas cowboys🤘

Khalif Shirad

Wow it looked so epic it gave me like Lord of the Rings vibe.

Nisha Gupta

The sling shot was the besf


Fuck Rockstar... they better be releasing this for PC

Adam Cook

28.39 defo his length haha


Am I the only one who thinks the toy story scene wasn't satsfying