This Isn't Crunch, It's ABUSE! NetherRealm Studios Exposed gameost games

This Isn't Crunch, It's ABUSE! NetherRealm Studios Exposed

Absoloutely disgusting to see some of the more inner workings of the Netherrealm studio.These people should be ashamed.#MortalKombat11#MK11

Ya nigga Joe

Do one on a republic...

Sophia channel Cuthbert

I'm from Bangkok

Elija Spiß

2019? 👌

Person Girl

U feel in love at 3...... I’m 13 and I’ve never felt love not for the slightest minute not with my family not with my parents OfCourse I care for them but I don’t know how love feels to say I love anyone....

You-_-Zak Zakir

What are they bitching about a kid in my class is 84 kilos and he's 12

Lavi Hayoun

You have to assert your dominance over them

dArK dEpReSsIoN


Merzia Noman

I promise that you’ll never find another like me- e- eeeee you- o- ouuuuuu I’m the only one me. You’re the only one of youuuu

Caoimhin Saunders

I just noticed the guy in the racing suit was Dressed as Ayrton Senna

Aaryan Kumar

2:44 Is this a story of an Indian girl, cause I just noticed that Sari! Nice

Lauren Gacha123

Lucky. You get to live by Disney world!

Hamid Zarouk

water botle flip edition


LOL everyone knows Tom .. xD


2019 anyone?


I haven’t watched this because I assumed it was “joke-y”as in not really good....finally watched and this right here?.............


i like this song, what this song? pleaseeee:(

Quit your job

Charlie Bju

Its a bug


Check out the Peaky Blinders Tommy Shelby & Lucca Changretta bullet scene

Noeud Coulant

No dark souls reference ? Omfg this game is unplayable

Esteban Armenta

23 bounces


how does the panda see through his mask?


Is this game worth it?

James Pope

Hi! My channel is about me and my Three Year old Brother doing trick shots! Come check it out!


Joseph Anistratov

rape on seans

Kulwant Singh

Can you make a video on football with freekickerz again it is a request from india

Rocco D'Arpino

Duke will never win.

Truc Nguyen

Volley ball and basketball