Tiger Electronic Games - Angry Video Game Nerd - Episode 113 game used jerseys games

Tiger Electronic Games - Angry Video Game Nerd - Episode 113

Subscribe: all Angry Video Game Nerd episodes Video Game Nerd (Episode 113)Tiger Electronic GamesHere in America, we operate our daily lives under a market economy. One of the main facets of the market economy is that just about anybody can have anything they want as long as they're willing and able to pay the price. But the key words there are "willing and able", so even though we have the right to buy whatever we want, a good chunk of us might not have the ability, mostly for monetary reasons. Take for example video games; video games themselves and the consoles to play them on are, more often than not, beyond expensive, but most kids really enjoy the thought of being able to explore virtual worlds and blow the heads off of anything that tries to kill you and most have a burning desire to be a part of this new craze themselves. That's where Tiger Electronics comes in. A subsidiary of the toy mongrel Hasbro, Tiger Electronics, for many years, managed to satisfy the rapidly expanding video game demands by producing and releasing a whole infestation of very low-quality handheld LCD "games" that somehow gave off the impression that you were holding an actual NES right in the palm of your hands. But the truth is, IT WORKED! Since another main facet to market economy is that the products that people buy the most are the ones that get produced the most, Tiger proceeded to milk their new money grab for all that it was worth, and even tried their hand at releasing whole video game consoles for the sake of it.But there were some who resisted. Despite naming the "Simon's Quest" Tiger adaptation as one of the reasons why Nintendo was superior to Sega (go to Youtube and search "avgn snes vs genesis") when he was just a lad, everyone's favorite angriest, most pissed-off gaming nerd has since recognized the Tiger games for the shallow cash-in attempts that they were and has dedicated a whole episode of his show to tearing them a brand new asshole. So join the Angry Video Game Nerd as he takes a look at what could possibly be considered the worst video games he has ever had the honor of playing, if you could even count them as video games (and for the record Nerd, yes video games are art, go to Youtube and search "nostalgia critic are video games art"). So get ready to have an insignificantly small part of your childhood be given a dose of reality, this is Angry Video Game Nerd Episode 113-Tiger Electronic Games. Also, Sega ended up having much more Tiger games than Nintendo Nerd, just to let you know. Visit our website! Twitter! Twitter! Google+ Tumblr! Facebook Fanpage! Instagram! Reddit! Flattr! us on Patreon out these other classic AVGN episodes!AVGN: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Top Gun Friday the 13th The Power Glove Bible Games Bugs Bunny Birthday Blowout NES Accessories Batman Ghosts N' Goblins #retro #retrogaming #nes #snes #jamesrolfe #mikematei #atari #playthrough #gameplay #gamereview

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It seems you got a good chunk of it down pat. I don't think this was showcased at the time of the video being made, but it also has elements of Smuggler's Run (Trevor's hangar missions via car). In fact, maybe you can even argue the "choices" you can make in certain parts in the game are inspired by L.A. Noire.


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