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Tom Brady - The G.O.A.T.

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Kuto Shadow

I like how the bot stayed on his back the entire fights.

Kevin Fessel

How about 2019


I'm thirteen, I've been bullied for nine years, told I'd never be anything when I'm older and have been beaten up, broken down, had depression and had severe anxiety problems. My two elder brothers dropped out at fifteen and my parents think I will and should too. My brother's aren't happy and are working jobs they aren't happy at and didn't and aren't going to go to university. I didn't want to be unhappy like them. So I worked as hard as I could.

Stingy From lazytown

0:46 My Palms Are Sweaty, Knees Week, Moms Spaghetti

Mixed Kid04

2:33 how do you not see that rip in the corner of the yellow one

Will i live again?

Hamato Jade

you know, when you suffer from appendicitis and the surgery is planned "in a couple of weeks", there is not much hope left xD sorry, but this guy died of stupidity. A surgery on your appendix takes approx. 30 min and is endoscopic. Less dangerous than extracting a tooth most of the time.

Ege Berk Volkan

Look in3.17

Did i hear "liquid sunlight"?

Ириски _14

How did frozen became a dramatic movie?! It looks really different than the first one

Dr. Prakash Puranik

Who is panda

| I can walk a mile in 16 minutes


he looks like the ice golem, pheraps there are more element holders, like earth fire and water.

Rebecca Fantasia-Sivo

Do the Tom Brady trick shots

Andrea Arteaga

I hate bullying. That girl who bullied should go to hell. She will never be successful with that attitude. Good luck with life you bully bitches!

Diggory Scamander


Angel Jaimes

Noo i wasnt readdy

Hunter Clark

Are you Seahawks fans like if you are

ItS tHat dAnG pHonE

Kevin Bennett

Looks like Apple show but much much much more poor

Lenna Gurl

“The people who were truly suffering” R u serious?? Ur the one suffering the worst. Nobody got seriously injured besides you

Lightning Flame

Top 10 most powerful anime characters

Garrett Rose

just imagine getting hit with that


This was the first dude perfectvideo I watched xD


This is fake


Alan wake

Ultimate Zelda

world largeast sling shot was grand epic

Micah Barber

Minus harden,Durant,Carmelo,and Westbrook this would have been a good video

ספיר בר-זיו

I don't think that parents how panish their kids, it's parents how does'nt support their kids....


I’m glad people are commenting a lot on his editing, it’ll keep him motivated and it’ll feel like the extra work is worth it and not a waste whether or not it’s a challenge for him.

Ray Fluid

This video is sick

Monkey D. Luffy

john doe XDDDD

fortnite and roblox rule

If she's ur step mom but ur real one

climax mini films

your non laugh able vid you should were a tie

joyful music plays

Benjamin Esteban Monardes Gonzalez

Also when you open a door were da Teddy Bear is you can also hear a sound.



Jordan g


Also everyone is beautiful in there own way, if people can't see that then that means they're ugly on the inside

Ishan M


Zenia Pagan

"This scene will not be in the movie"