Top 10 Upcoming TYCOON Games 2018 - Hospitals, Dinosaurs and Pizza! game day speaker games

Top 10 Upcoming TYCOON Games 2018 - Hospitals, Dinosaurs and Pizza!

The best new Business and Economic Management Strategy & Simulation games coming up for PC PS4 Xbox One. Gameplay & trailers.0:08 - Project Hospital1:12 - Academia2:19 - Pizza Connection 33:26 - Rise of Industry5:03 - Megaquarium6:19 - Production Line8:19 - Industries of Titan9:24 - Two Point Hospital12:07 - Tropico 613:11 - Jurassic World: EvolutionSupport Skye on Patreon ► Bundles (Big Discounts On Games) ► (Big Discounts On Games) ► the link above to see today's offer. A new game on offer every 24 hours!)Skyes Video Schedule ► Merchandise (EU) ► Merchandise (US) ► Website► on Youtube ► on Twitch► on Twitter ► PC Spec------------------------CPU: Intel i7-4790k @4 GHzRAM: 16GBGPU: MSI NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 GAMING X 8GB GDDR5XMusic:End TitlesTobu - Candyland SoundCloud

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