Top 10 WEIRD Gaming Stories of SEPTEMBER 2018 game ft 50 cent games

Top 10 WEIRD Gaming Stories of SEPTEMBER 2018

Bowsette happened this month. We include our normally covered weird stories, because we love our gaming world weirdness, but just know there's nothing that can compare to the hoopla around Bowsette. Have a look!Subscribe for more: [

Nou Thao

Omg haha I love it! Your lips were so blinding I was squinting while watching this!😂😍 Must get myself some.

Hamasah Tv

Mantap videonya, jangan lupa sub balik ya gan 🙏

We are going to love it.

The Mad Monster


Yeet Boi

The guy with the pickle in the corner

jon cecil


DarK LuCk

Are we gonna ignore the fact that he said “they” way too much this episode

V0RT3X Fearz

Imagine if you set the beginning up for so long then missed the trick shot...

Steven Schumann

You guys are my favorite youtube chanell!!!!!


Make a film with avenger

mikaela anjel

shook! That Atiny's power we almost hit 4M, i might wanna stan Atiny now T-T

Btw I’m proud of this kid 💖🎉

Jennifer Mangum

I yw. W

Baba Jj

I am from Saudi arbia plus my dad hates my mom

someone Online?

Shitty therapist.


Why not put it in the bin ,not throw it in the bin

Nick Pritchard

Will blade runner fans please stand up?

Nazim Khan

@xixgrus yeah yeah we all know that! also! man this game is tight been playing all day -->\4c7w2


i think this game that i havent played yet will be better than the other game i havent played yet. trust me dude.

Jacob Neff

awesome video post dude perfect

Emma Cook

2018 anyone

Chris Townsend

That’s wild congrats on breaking some of thos records.

97.70% coments saying John gets hurt


That was fun man awsomme vid going to do some of em my self now i onley hope my game dosn't crash on me again like today i lost all my progress and all 235 challenges have to do everything over again.


3:58 How did they get that water bottle down?


I hope there will be new characters


Made my first trick shot video for fun, go watch it!

Deemond H

At in a nutshell.

_amber does Gacha_

Why are all his gfs hair pink?!?!

w o l f i e

...what about the twins,they are having a hard time too...


black pants ass 1;43

Tony Reyes

No ways


Toy Story 2 will always be the best unintentional ASMR.


Sophia Adriana Gaurano

So sorry for you....


Great story, i feel so happy for living in a third world now lol

Guava Fan

This video make it look like it’s easy to do that

Super Chis

eating disorders dont just mean bulimia or anorexia. its just an unhealthy obsession with food. you either avoid it at all cost or you eat and eat till your sick so you dont waste food. I was starved as a child and in turn i had to steal and hoard food when no one was looking. it got to the point when i was allowed to eat i would eat until i wasnt allowed to eat any more. when someone didnt tell me to stop id keep eatting till nothing was left even if i was full. I had eatten an entire pot of pasta that was enough to feed 3 people but they were just going to throw it out so instead i ate it. i got very sick after. i cant stand the idea of throwing out food. it makes me guilty because of my childhood. i would only ever be able to eat what my parents didnt. i was the living food trash.

David Braun

Hollywood falls short again


The thumbnail hurts me


I have never played Zelda or Pokémon. I have played Mario a little tho. I started gaming much later than my friends, you see.

Monstertruckid 14

Snorkeling battle

Oh yeah yeah

Rojan Nazeri

Nice job...proud of you :)

Cody Heiner

Anyone else notice after the balcony shot that corner pocket was just straight missing in the next shot!?


Viagra jokes are hard to do.

XxXfallen _angelXxX


Kittygirl 975

Poor bijuu.... :(

Jayant Sharma

Anyone in 2019

Philippe Gaming

For all the guys wondering, it actually was the second try when they hit it from the plane! isnt that amazing?! first was like 44feet away or something