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My Friend Pedro, le jeu de DeadToast Entertainment basé sur un jeu Flash & édité par Devolver est enfin là après 2 ans de teasing à l'E3 ! Bullet time, saltos, musique qui tabasse et toujours, toujours plus de caisses !► Achetez le jeu sur GOG avec mon lien partenaire ! Toutes les vidéos My Friend Pedro : SOCIAUX :STREAM :MUSIQUE : (Spotify)

Jennette Luciano


Kaspar raj

Do a cricket video plssss

Jgorby18 Fortnite

I don't think you have the same birthday

jan B.

My birthday is also on 24th of march

Jose rommel Ongtawco

Jiggle Jerry


Felix Baughn

garret looks a little like van goh

Charlotte Reece

what is the song

Brandon Pineda

its funny when u throw a grenade in the middle of the dancers and they all blow up & sometimes the girl in the middle gets stuck on the ceiling

Shanks Plays

Nice shirt

Saurav Barman

That's a weird fidget spinner.

"Somebody once told me, the world is gonna roll me. I ain't you got to do in the shed."

Nathan Bennett



all easter eggs are real but it is modded costume gameplay

* watching this *

Imani Grant

Well John isn’t exactly on the cute side either😬

Jerry Santos

water bottle flip

Rhonda Montgomery

Next video should be a boxing match


lol the panda was standing still and watching the car go by lol

Jeremy Kudon

Who's watching in 2017!

Sanji Vinsmoke


ilia badry

Such an a$$hole

Jesse H.

YouTube algorithm REALLY wants me to watch this.

giuseppe valencia

love your editing

Anna Jcb

the ending is like some kind of MOBA or RPG game style cinematics.

Rameen Hassan

Anyone in April 2019 pls like

Jason Holt

my brother was once catches everything but a fish. He even hooked a shoe before he cast in the water by mistake. He caught broke lines, branches, rocks, every thing but a fish.

Silver Spork



2017 anybody?

Gavin Covert

Romo is ass