Trying Crazy Dock Starts - Wakeboarding qvc game of thrones wine games

Trying Crazy Dock Starts - Wakeboarding

This is basically a video of wakeboarding fails!! haha Tried to beat the 25ft long dock start, but had absolutely zero luck. So mixed it up and tried to finally conquer the heel front dock start. Getting closer. Thanks so much for watching. Dave


I had a feeling I was hearing the interstellar theme

Esquivel 123

Nike or adidas

Jamare Reed


Sky reacts to anime!

Now P.E is going to be hosted in jail.

Oh i love you Richtofen.

gabriel allen eustaquio

At 1:28 tyler and cory had the same net ringer hahahaha

We eating good, I'm a fat man

xDay Lg

Keep it up Guru, whenever I have a bad day or I'm stressed I always come go your Chanel to relax. Don't stop doing what your doing man

I'd do one of these lists:

Dimitrij Ray

24,601 shows... of course ;)

ThatNoahGuy ?

I've been watching your videos for a long time. And I never really comment. But please keep up the amazing work. It's absolutely brilliant. Also love the ending.

EclipseOffical 1020

in the beggining of watching this video with my girlfriend we had normal faces but at the end we looked at each other like we saw a ghost

Anthony Tompkins

the only highlight for Ricky sense joining the sprint cup series

The Goat 2000

I want panda to win

3 months ago

Beast The Fisherman

I have subbed dude perfect


And I thought my migraines were bad...

Reynold Santiago

This is video is more fake than your mom. This surely is art of video edition. No one is perfect and they call themself dude perfect, I am not a hater but watching edition and breaking world record really made me mad.

ValenYD -

Awesome kid, GuruVid!




The ocean is taking our jobs

Ethan Puhalsky

16 bounces?

yuri plisetski

finally some good fucking food

JP Mansour

3:38 looks like a bomb😂😂😂😂😂😂

West Merrill

pool toys

Cathy Berry

Ok it’s time we breakup sugarbaby 😒

oh yeh yeh

Every time I see a burglar:

Romina Andrea

When i try to ask for help i just cry and say never mind


#2 also happens in mob of the dead, scope the fireworks from the prison roof for another jumpscare


hes using a hole filler as a mic xD

Jake Dunlop

I have type 1 diabetes no joke

Sweet Science

The face on Ferguson is a face I’ve seen in real life. The face of a killer. He is one scary guy.

Hlirgh Hafh'drn

828,929,7928,285,729,1004,948th comment

Gregory Gaspard

When I smoke weed I'm happy


how do u watch the series in 1080p

Huy Còii

Có ai là người vn không ✌️



yanelvis gomez

React to Netflix serious show called when they see us

wish I had Bottle of Alcohol

Kayla Sbrocchi

I wear baggy comfy clothes to school all the time and kids still have crushes on me 😂😂

Alysha Patterson

That was cool

Lecram Marcelo

How are all of the songs called playing at 1:07 - 1:20?

-F r a n k i e - R o s e-

Anyone getting wicked vibes from this??