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Tupac & Scarface - Smile

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Cronchy Corgocats

She was so good to you! You were just being selfish. You’re only caring about how YOU feel! It’s the BEST THING THAT HAPPENED TO YOU?! WHAT ABOUT YOUR DAUGHTER OR WIFE? AND YOU JUST TOTALLY USED THAT OTHER GIRL.

You're totally wrong xD, these things are called "Reavers" and they had appeared in the Gears of War universe since Gears of War 1. Also Gears is older than Beyond Two Souls, so there´s no sense saying that.

Jay The Rio Gamer

when ty got the turtle i thought he threw it instead of the skeet lol

Jean Pierre Wehry

The only problem with this video is that it isn't longer.

Que D

you are so awesome

ahmed musaevitch

the beginning seems like a reference to mass effect

Divina Mubiala

Yes first comment and like your video


RIP Chap

Brodie Mac04


The Blue Faced Man


Luke W

Power forwards aren’t supposed to kickballs either...get it?

Titan For Ever


TyTy Challenge time

No one comments there favourite shot

Top 5 Exclusive

Coby should have won or tied he still hit him it doesn't matter if it popped or not. 😐

Cecilia Alvarado

White escalator rafting

Dylan Liang

#YIAYjob she's unemployed

Jasmine He

1:39 are his pants backwards?

Eric Rodriguez

This kinda remind me of Cabin in the Woods. Wish that dlc came out :(

Dosun Sweet

they hide the adult jokes well so theres no way a kid could get that joke but maya the bee who ever made that episode was horny as hell

Emerald Kitten

Go girl


@cod4hsexpert i think you can because not all of the earth was destroyed, and the pack a punch runs on its own power, Area 51 wasnt touched by the missiles so you can return there and pack a punch still, hope this helped! ;)



Madison Sparkman

I am so sorry for your loss... losing pets is the hardest because like you said, they are family!

Sierra Kanouse

I think you should get a job where you can do that help people



Whenever I have to order something, I feel so helpless.

Zachary Wilson

Cody had glasses

The Wolven Gamer

The minecraft shotgun should be called "The Blockshot"


And no one is talking about how she showers for 2 hours

Zachary R.

I know 4 Square

Sub-zero Scooped

Shoes else is on team purple hoser

lalita mali

I like that robot dog