videos that butter my muffin game ok naam games

videos that butter my muffin

back and better than everIG: @laurpaul____________________________CREDITS (if anybody knows the original video links of any I missed, please let me know so I can credit them, I listed all the ones I could find but a few are missing)0:13 Nat Puff(IG @leftatlondon)8:44 Cody Ko (IG @codyko)9:01 chanfy for watching whores

Arijs Kirists

rikardo is a beast

Col. Gob Knobbler

I finally found an easter egg on my own! The Finding Nemo one was pretty obvious, though so I won't really count it.

Joel P



Square Enix: Avengers Game!


Producer: how much depth do you want in the background?

Asa Asura

True. I gave way too much value to an ex who in the end wasn't even worth my time.


Adrijo Ray

i am real fan of coby and coryand i request you to read all the comment including mine in a video

Skylar Schilffarth

How do they do those stunts. Like the bottle smash scene

Alexander Nacol


I wish I had a big forehead

I read about you in 5th grade! It was on our: “Survival Stories Week 3” 😂

Tyler Vincent

Seguin's "candy" looked like a syringe to me

here, take my school. Its open. i dont want it.

Satria Benjamin



ahh black flag..... what a superior game

LIL DUNK Playland

Polo G - Pop Out Even More Ft.Lil Durk and Lil Zay Osama

Jay Park

I LOVE Harry Potter. I am a Harry Potter nerd.

HB Hard Business

This shit is wrong. MEAT IS BAD FOR YOU!

Brijal Chokshi

Matt Ryan

ultragtathiccgachalife42069 123

They changed the thumbnail and title lol

Erik Tooker

panthers all the way

Declan Ballinger

The golden play flip should have been called The Golden Play like if u agree

Ace Shooters

Absolutely do not like this comment at all!!!!!!!!!!!

Herki Nijuz

You should be happy!!! Because school is peace of shit 💩

ᕈᗩאDᗩ 21 ᗩאᓰᙢᗩTᙓS

if that were me i would be like if your dumb enough to bully me about my flesh instead of my ability to function as a human being your not even worth my time

Franklin Roosevelt

LMAOO XD Hey congrats Guru, keep it up


I thought this was going to be a creepy delusional stalker story. lol

Mafia Kuromixes

Whispers u are a gay pony harry

Allen P

press 8 i mean

Cherie Artcher

It is not your fault

Never sent photos like that, ever. If you do, make sure to contact the police or tell someone close to you if they leak it.

Mackenzie Haston

I started mine at 11, barley knew anything about it. It was night before my sisters wedding. And my period lasted for 3 weeks. Yep, it was horrible😂


Didnt Jaiden have 10mil before? What happened? Or was I taking too much naps

m guardado

Your should do a second

Emulate Me, The Universe.

The birthday surprise was really nice. Beautifully decorated, cool cake and that gift tho!

Jonathan Herman

CONGRATS ON 40 MILLION SUBS!!!! You guys are awesome

viral gamer boy 1 2 3


The king Boss

Plz don’t play fortnite it’s an addiction the same happened to expect I wasn’t homeless so I would always be playing fortnite and got angry at anyone who stopped me but time passed and God took away my addiction away and I left fortnite

Tuba Syeda

I love the art in this 😍😍😍😍😍😍