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Griffin O'Neill

You should film at Florida Sea Base. Another Boy Scout high adventure base.

Me: He a pedo

gua-sha treatment which all helps tremendously. Yes I have sever anxiety so need many treatments at moment.

Darren Taylor

Chris Brown sucks.

Brock Herrmann

Garret is like that kid at a party that stands around the chip bowl at the snack table

Stan Mathers

Why is the intro song lyrics different from the episode 1?

Seymour Simmons


Truck Guy

Lord of the rings

zoey: man i looooovee bread Know you tired of the same damn thing (Same damn thing)

Alexander Hernandez

Who is watching in 2016

Triple Face Gaming

I'm the Rage Monster

Jony Jony

But hoooow stop wasting my life if we always need money and we have to work. I can’t 😭


hahahaha no dunking sign

Positivly Angry

This is why I like people who are scared of me

I'm horrible...

lazurus Supreme

I was sacred of shampoo ever since that incident I opened it and it shot like a bullet at my eye I put water on it and I forgot I didn't think it through and since then I wash with a rag in my eye during the head Rinse and now I am 12 lol I'm a scerdy cat

Yasmine Nb


Ali Yiğit Akça

I love ty but can someone else win

Devin Mennefee

yaw practiced this

Leonardo Macedo

Easter Eggs Resident Evil

Carly M

When I'm upset,

Paul hqf

BlitzBall Bop


why does he have a gun holstered

TheGaming Gamer

Luke looks like Mark Zucc