Was Oblivion as good as I remember? - My analysis after an 8 year hiatus game rpg offline pc games

Was Oblivion as good as I remember? - My analysis after an 8 year hiatus

A long-winded rant about caves and cave-like entities that loses all credibility at the end when I call the game 11 years old instead of 12.I wanted to revisit my old favorite to see if it's as amazing as I remembered it being, which led to 45 minutes of main story, guild and general mechanics evaluation. Please understand that I still love the game, and that this is all my opinion.Most of the drawings are done by my personal art goblin, the talented Leonie:I stream on twitch: Jerall Mountains from the Skyrim OSTLiterally the entire Oblivion soundtrack more or lessCareless Whisper by George MichaelMarch Ahead from the Paper Mario OSTTrial of Thunder by FamilyJules- Busters by The PillowsThe title theme from Cave StoryRip and Tear by Mick GordonThumbnail image background is by tijana2806 at the Nexus Mods community- video is brought to you by yelling too closely into the mic sometimes.Thanks for watching!


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