Watch live: Senate holds hearing on Internet algorithms and public influence game ultraman 2 games

Watch live: Senate holds hearing on Internet algorithms and public influence

class="metadata-updateable-description" Senate Commerce, Science & Transportation Committee's Subcommittee on Communications, Technology, Innovation, and the Internet conducts hearing titled, "Optimizing for Engagement: Understanding the Use of Persuasive Technology on Internet Platforms." Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube: us:Twitter:

Eden Wu


Nolan's Videos


bisnaga br gamer

Vai Brasil

Friend loves harry potter really mostly luna

redblueberry CA

This is how many ppl she told

Chi Tran

Birthday stereotypes


Game looks good but i think ill do the same thing i did with destiny and wait for copy containing all the dlc fir half the price

Conner James Hayes

NF: Better grab your balloons and invite your friends


He remind me of the rapper Kyle

grim reaper

i knew it

Nicole Yu

OMG!!!!!!! Lebron James . You are awesome

Em Lee

Love whoever you want, as long as no one is getting hurt. ---- PREACH!

Guylian Viaene

literally every child:QUAAKINGGG

Caylin7739 92

You guys should do it next a wwe 👌


Did anyone laugh at 3:06 because of what Garrett did to Coby? I did

Meme Chronicles

Minion slaying is the best part


Xxitzwolfy Crystalxx

Oofmy bully kicked me and I siad weakling she told me off

Bowness Pizza

Well copyright for the fucking Canadian boy right just me!? It's not available where I live fuck:(

Kurt Baban

How can you call with no phone hahahahaha

I can't feel bad for the person in this video. For the bully. She does not gain my sympathy.

Jake Anderson

This is incredible. Spot on

Cole Stevenson

10 million views in 1 fucking week!


Where is garret.

Eight_Angry_ Nuns

now it all makes sense, Justin bieber played Nathan drake and the world went to shit


Half-Life 3 confirmed???!??

ACiD FluoriDe

Wait keemstar was in battlefield 3?


It will be good but right now I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THE HELL ITS ABOUT


❤❤❤❤😍😍they are best!!


What emote is that

Elizabeth Hernandez

it's ok to be gay

You ask we give You ask we give

468 likes and 4 dislikes and 90 comment

Vanessa Pyo

I live on Oahu near Honolulu 💕 There is a variety of stores that have pieces at each price point and many styles and sizes! I love the shopping here!

Abdul s

I'm 15 and I'm the same as she, I know how she feels.♡ This story makes me cry.

Matthew Ou

Cody needs more likes. :)

combined the stores

The Annoying Gamer

I feel bad for the guy she ruined his life


You missed the Dj. Khaled easter egg


That last clip tho, I may not enjoy or play Fornite much, but I will honor the fact that a player went out of his way to attempt a rescue mission for a random player.

Manuela Djin

i lovveee chrisssss he is my goddddd damn and drake too i love themand this song


I cried


Ya that’s not what ocd is ocd is like (meh ocd)where u u HAVW to do things more time and fall randomly and ur brain tells u what to do(her ocd) where Bad thought)


0:54 sounds like Yung Pinch's '20 years later" : 20 years later somewhere far across the ocean


More reviews please

shishstar kem officiallss

And I cry about being on it for only 4 days

Storey swamp Fishing


Pretty rad too.

Roweliza Nedia





You just see Lilly in an insane asylum talking to the doll: are you sure I should do it? But what will I use? Okay.... (Runs up to someone with a knife)