Wendy Pretend Play Magic Wand Transform Into Animals for Kids game vbhf games

Wendy Pretend Play Magic Wand Transform Into Animals for Kids

Wendy pretend play with her magic wand and transform Uncle K into animals! She turns him into a frog, hippo, and dog. Each animal has a special ability. Kids also learn how not to behave in this fun video. What’s your favorite animal? Funny video for kids!Subscribe for notifications to new videos: out our latest videos playlist: more fun pretend play kids videos:Ice Cream Drive Thru Toys & Kids Songs & Food Truck Nursery Rhymes Song Johny Song Candy Haul Swimming Pool Water Slide UP Jail Playhouse Baby Dolls Makeup & Dress Up


Too much travelling in one video! great video

Sirsak K c

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How the fuck can it be fake when it was recorded from 3 fuckin angles!? stop hatin!

Selina Tan Pei Hwa

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Sofia Isabella

This happened to me almost exactly, except in a span of 2 years and was long distance in the end. We are still good friends like they are

Thomas Grimmer

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Shadow Zane

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Dreamer Artist Lilahnee

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World full Of wonders

You can tell these stories are all fake when almost every video has this same voice.

Toddy Kwest

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it might of been a optical illusion or it was the wind because I don't think that was fake 


Can u guys do an other battle so Coby can win

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maarten de jong

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Markyah Morkyoh

I think 3:03 is the coolest part

Keys Hin

1:21 meiko honma dress's of Anohana and school uniform of monogatari series and madoka suit?


I’m obsessed with the last of us... so this video is gold

Wahaj Sadan

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Chaitali Ghosh

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sami lapage

Shitty ass video

Ben Weso

That was an egg-spent video ty is best

Peampat Pimpapan

This video reminds me when i was a kid watching it. Man time passes so fast.


why is dj kalige in 4:38

Coleman Tranum