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What's Going On With The Boring Company | Untangled

The Boring Company is one of Elon Musk's many futuristic projects, alongside Tesla and SpaceX. It promises to build high-speed tunnels that will dramatically change your commute. But The Boring Company has yet to build a single commercial tunnel. Elon Musk recently announced a Las Vegas tunnel, which could be the first completed project for The Boring Company.MORE UNTANGLED CONTENT:Everything Wrong With Touch Screen Laptops | UntangledGoing On With Tesla? | UntangledWrong With Windows 10 | Untangled#ElonMusk #TechInsiderTech Insider tells you all you need to know about tech: gadgets, how-to's, gaming, science, digital culture, and more. Subscribe to our channel and visit us at: on Facebook: on Instagram: on Twitter: on Amazon Prime: on Snapchat: Going On With The Boring Company | Untangled


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Nate Parfitt

Ash vs Mario, Getting ready for they hype for mm2 and sword shield


0:51 I KNEW IT!!!! I FUCKING KNEW IT!!!! (sorry)



He passed away after a drunk driver hit him...

kristin lampart

LIONS defend the den

Mason Burke

That’s awesome you guys get to make a video

Spencer Lawson

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Lil Dank Memes

Imagine these guys were in the army

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Hey guys love your vids I have been subscribed since 2 million subs .Can you guys pls learn dice stacking then make a video about it

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flaming narwhal

Do another one

Jens van der Geest

4:33 i don't want to call him a pschycopath


The first one was more cute than creepy :3

Big Troll

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Gorgon Gorbon

Hold Up, We Don't Play.

Kookie Baby

Her: life was finally getting better for us


i like the video to but No shit?


Money can't buy you humility, that's just your character on display. Whoever this part owner is of the Warriors who pushed Lowry is just uncalled for. Props to Kyle for staying composed and for the actual fans who he landed on, I hope they were all okay


This is NOT OCD sis u have something else, u probably have some other shit like ur about to have a exorcism lmao

Jennifer Wilcoxon

Adam Eaton or curry

Shikai Yakamuri

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InfoTech Zone - Biv

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Mischa Marasigan

I once stood up from my bully because I had to much of him calling ma a whale and a pig. So one day he called me ugly and I was a whale. Well I’m that girl who fights boys but no transgender. I grab him in his arm and just squeezed it as hard as I could possibly can. He his friend who is bigger than me tried to help him and he eventually gave up. I eventually stopped cause his arm is starting to get red. Ever since then,he never bullied me or any of my friends and classmates ever again


Stupid trees...

Superpig63 AJ

The only one I didn’t get was the our founder one


I wonder if they got any of these shots first try.

Logan Pugh

Great video as always!!


Can you guys do hockey and soccer stereotypes

Bo Kong




Peter Kang

When you guys were there, where was Garret?


2019?1:36 thats not true is it?


Baller 565


Sophia Fuller

I have the same phone as tie when he whore the goalie equipment and had it on his for head

Josh Rodriguez

When you pause itat 1:01 you can see some won recording them

Trinity Kuehl

God the guys with the big heads scared the hell out of me!

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what's your favourite music genre?

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What about Ulysses s Grant vs Jefferson Davis Please


The last game of the generation? There's still Beyond Two Souls coming out in september. If you meant it's the last game of the generation by Naughty Dog then i apologize.

FrickyouConnor Sims

Guy:Don’t judge me, I’m not a monster!

Thomas Towner


TheStar Killer

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Zoltán Mayer

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DoNt EaT tHe cOoKiE

I have a similar story but my uncle not my dad almost a year ago my uncle was drinking alcohol and doing drugs and one Friday he went crazy he doesn’t do it anymore but he needed to get therapy and I was scarred my dad dose do drugs but there medical ones because he has a number of sickness

Yuri Antonov

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Shana Shanice

Who else cried and regretted everything they have done


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