What's in the Box? Oscar Edition! gamekit 800 robux games

What's in the Box? Oscar Edition!

Ellen played a special round of "What's in the Box?" with her lucky audience!

Bubble Lol

Look at all those CHIKENS!

Sweet Raindrop

Oh I'm so sorry. This must be awful. I hope it gets easier for you ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Walker 0905


Take The K

0:51 ELA😍


What is the video referenced at 8:25?

Tracy Schweitzer

Best episode ever. She was funny and so down to earth.

Crazy Lazy Laci

This remind of my schizophrenia episode: How I do it: STILL HAVIN D*MN TROUBLE OPENIN A MOHERF**KIN CHIP BAG

Luke Hileman

0:52 Now you got swag

Danillo sayajin

Jogo virou uma mistura de xenoverse com gráficos do figther z

Felix O'neal

omg they are great

Hannah Phillips

Um can u plz explain why the shade of liquid lipstick that I got family jewels was way darker than you said no hate just wondering I love you jeffree

Dee One

Will you do MGS V Easter Eggs?



Erin Stout

Team necklace

Dwanerz .G. Defoe

tipsy bartender wants to know your location

Melissa Magsino

Ang ganda ng video nyo sobra idol na idol ko kaya dude perpect yuhuuuuuu



magneetis yeetis gaming

I likey

Arcade Missiles

Did any ever find that big city easter egg in SA? or is it just me. back in the days when i used to play SA i always go to the airport and fly out off the city with a plane and if u fly long enough you'll get to see a very bright city with nothing to do in it. im not even kidding try it idk if they possibly removed it or what but i was there when i played it


Simeon Erdner

Film with arsenal

Cassie Ang

Wait.... is this based on a real story?

Nahu 8989

1:52 jajajajajajajajaj

Still Kudos for his wife for being patient with him.

Quality koala-teacher

Tell ur parents.....dumb

Devon Jr Lee

I just became a fan. Damn that shit was raw to the core. He snapped

Charles Tyson

didn't you ever hear don't eat before swimming LOL

Igod708g_0 G

You made me happy


March 15 my birthday :O

Nerf Chief

grabs urnNo not my grandma! Put my grandma back!

Alan Medrano

The figures where Roman reigns and I think dean ambrose

TJ Ledford

Is this your story?

Sajid Ali

Fans of Tyler and Garrett hit a like

Adri Potato

Kay so i though she actually helped him cheat. Like she was like, “bro, you should cheat”


Who’s watching this on the waiting for the super bowl 15

dj magladon

love you dudes

Crackin Coronas

@FunWithGuru i love you man you need to hit 1 million subs you deserve it bro ive been watching you since 400 subs your my favorite youtuber man love you bro keep doing vids *

luis enrique Altamirano

Arcodeon solo 7:05

Tucker Lindow

Woman is a man with a wo

Tofu Said

I really like these two. Where’s Rie?

NeW ArTIst PLsss GIve a LIstEn :) LikE sharE oR suBSCRIbe anyONe woULd Be GreaT

I'm srry about that about your life but you know have a wife

Christopher White

@0:03 Who else thought the music was about to break out into the Night King theme?

Tangy YT

Isn’t this where fortnite pro am was?

Corwyn Rutan

Team necklace.

At chess

Martin Tillemann

If you play minecraft or pixel worlds, you don't have to gain another level... These are the games you should play.