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What's New in Far Cry 5 - IGN First

Though Far Cry 5 will be familiar to fans of the franchise, quite a few changes are coming to Ubisoft's next entry in its open-world series.Far Cry 5: Sneaking, Sniping, and Blasting Through an Outpost [4K] - IGN FirstCry 5 - Story Trailer:Minutes of Far Cry 5 Fly, Fishing, and Killing Gameplay in 4K - PSX 2017:to IGN for more!IGN for more!------------------------------­----YOUTUBE: OFFICIAL APP:

Lupita Olivares

Matt you made people that have gay parents sad


Gotta enjoy the little things not living, maybe you could do a text screen in frontoff it

Protagonist: You must be really pissed, Mr. Wick...

Broguy 777777

U guys are 😎


Unic X

dudes be like them


he had gloves on thats why he caught the tennis balls.

Jonas Prather

2019 Anyone?

pro dominatrix

Back when they only did basketball trickshots

gtg 1426

That Tijuana team is no joke lol.

also im not the real Vincent in the story


He is like one of the best Easter egg hunters ever.

Thomas Myers

Lmao spams square at the end

Lil Weedlitz

"^^6 Feet Six^^"6 Foot Six*

Brandon Padron


Coolio Beanstalks

But it’s all worth it. 💞💓💗

Georgette Ø


Against -

This sucks S-superU-UnlockyC-CockK-KinkyS-Sexy

Rylan Starr Council

They are glides not airplanes

Thicc Girl HopeMSP

it got me mad how she didnt first beat him with those chairs



Dancing Troll

Ok maybe this seems weird or rude


Wait a second. I got this game on my birthday and set it to my birthdate. I never got that cutscean. It would of been so cool!

Your grandparents

Tanner Tucker

I have depression and ADHD it caused me to fail 6th grade

Hello There


มลฤดี ศรีประเสริฐ


kyra rollins

I'm so sorry


roses are red,


Lol. Rip advanced warfare

Pardon ?

Parents, this is why you believe your kids when they say that there’s a monster under their bed.

Electron Aphic

i will cry now


The snail and that disco was downright strange. But then I remembered this game is made Japan.