What Critics HATED About Justice League game fx waco tx games

What Critics HATED About Justice League

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im watching this in 2019

Bench is Random

This is truly a sad and happy story.


I’m that tall person, but only wish I had such power


hey you should do references in the tv show the amazing world of Gumball! they're pretty good with references it would be cool to see them.

Napppa Temp

It's ok Mike, I just feel really bad that you had a backstory that's tragic, and after all this, you always make sure to smile.

Kim Knapp

Dude Perfect is my favrit because they do awsome trick shots and they make me want to do all the awsome trick shots. Dude Perfect is the best!!!!!!!

Jaime Biton

pls stop letting ty Win team coby all the wayyyy

When I tell her my dreams and aspirations she ignores it and forces me to study medicine to become a doctor, even though I don’t WANT to! I know I won’t be happy being a doctor because it’s not what I want to be. I don’t want to live a life of regret! I feel like I’m trying to accomplish my dreams by myself without my mum and it’s annoying!


I like how he turned around and looked at the woman who was crying in the movies


Why is everyone freaking out about no list on the makeup reviewed? She did list it throughout the video just pause it when u see something u like&screenshot it or take a lil note of it . Sidenote( I MUCH Prefer &appreciate my looks so much more in my 30's than in my 20's .bck then when ppl said I was beautiful I always thought "yeah but I wish I had that girls ....or this girls. ...",now I wouldn't change a thing .The small imperfections that I thought were not so great bck then are some of my best assets bc they make me me)-love your differences they make you unique you are perfectly imperfect. 30's rock🔥❤

SkyrushYes MindEraserNo

1:31 Brock Lesnar F5

Samar Zulfiqar

It was scripted


Molly is making up reactors, lol

Jennifer Burnham

Do you guys have a dimond play button yet?

Dear Girls

My life is over

Sydelle Mutabaruka

Did her Mom go to jail?

yagirl nextdoor

Chin up ,don't give a damn what people say about you, y'all are so beautiful in your own way and I love you 🥀


i just wanted to say guru u have he best easter egg series on youtube this is the sole reason i have subscribed


1000 subs with no videos we can do it Seshadri

Little late but congrats


the last one happened to me with my putter


what about google loco, epic google, weenie Google, Google pond, google paint it, googlo, the dark side, the nongoogles, all the birds try to avoid google, energy saving google, rainbow google, annoying google, google pirate, google hacker, google sphere, google gravity, google makes music (using google translate) and googlism....... im done

Naruto Uzumaki

Park stereotypes

i dont like arbys

I feel like I have anxiety, due to repeated actions that I do. This includes me being unable to do simple tasks, like asking for more ketchup at a resturant. It gets me so anxious I want to dissapear. My family members dont understand why im so 'quiet' and why i dont interact with them as much as im 'supposed' to. an example of this is when i wake up, and one of my family members wants to do something. (like going shopping, seeing a movie, eating at a resturant...) i usually say no, and i just sit on my computer. i dont know how to tell people how i feel, because my mom likes to tell my entire family everything i do and or say. then they want to talk to me, or they mock me for it for the next 4 years. like one time i cried and said i was a 'loser' for not having a playroom like my friend in kindergarden. im in MIDDLE SCHOOL now, and it is CONTINUOUSLY brought up to make me feel bad, or make fun of me. they usually pass it off as a 'joke' but i know they just do it because they like making fun of me. my stepdad is the worst offender.. he always brings up things that i did that were embarrasing from the past to make fun of me, and it makes me feel very anxious and uncomfortable, and makes me want to cry. he usually does this in public, infront of my extended family while we are at a family gathering. he's always looking for another way to mentally torture me. the only person i honestly trust is my 19 year old brother, who has studied psychology. please help, i dont know what to do. some days i feel fine, others i feel like killing myself.

Hi Biatch

Were is your mother?:(

mayra En

You should add the opening scene to dexter when he’s making eggs and the drip of blood from the meat idk..... just a thought.........

Yaohan Deng

Why do I want to buy every JSC product 😭❤️ love you Jeffree

Soumyajyoti Debnath

How many million shots did they take?

Vanessa L. Pruett-Urie-Keller Williams Realty Agent

I’m the rage monstre

Noah Brown

Dora! Is that YOU??!!!.....


seeing Pokemon in colour on a normal Gameboy is screwing with my head

Sylvie Alexandra

I was born 2 months early :) 2 lbs.

francisco najera

football stereotypes

fellow British YouTuber

Guys pls like it

Preston:there is another settlement that needs your help here ill mark it on your map

Leslie Ekstrom


JTD Project

That moment when easter egg videos get easter eggs in them lmao

Liam Good

better then infi-shit warfare trailer

And yes i read the description but still


my mom and dad knows im gay just... them dont want me to be gay and didnt care :c,

Shemonger ­

Destiny runs like shit, lol

tf Jimenezplayer


Rocco D'Arpino

Hockey because it was really fun to watch.


У 33-летнего орловца Ильи Сафонова тяжелая и сложная травма позвоночника. Помочь ему взялись только в клинике Израиля. Для лечения нужно собрать 3 500 000 руб. Диагноз Ильи: Тяжелая закрытая осложненная позвоночно-спинно-мозговая травма, закрытый компрессионный осколочный перелом тела Ц-6 с ушибом и сдавливанием спинного мозга, синдром тетрапарез, нарушение функций тазовых органов.

Rosalba Palacios


James Williamson


Demon Brawl


Queenkitty 2929

Here lies dobby a free elf

Eloise Shutt

ok, I know it's a story, but it's not really giving anyone with anxiety confidence. I know you put in a lot of effort, but it's just not my coup of thee

Syron X

Channel name: Minute videos


I'm tearing up because it looks so beautiful!! <3